July 26, 1996



Drs K. Kane, G. Williams and Professor M. Langman, Pounds 24,974 from STFUBHT (molecular characterisations of 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D action in the colon); Dr P. Weller, Pounds 32,544 from STFUBHT (research fellowship for cystic fibrosis); Professor J. Heath, Pounds 183,586 from CRC (structure and function of embryonic growth factors); Dr J. Pearce, Pounds 102,032 from Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (role of CD4+T cells and their antigenic targets in a murine model of chlamydia-induced chronic inflammation); Professor C. Thomas, Pounds 140,255 from the Wellcome Trust (control of expression of conjugative transfer genes of promiscuous incP plasmids).

Research contracts

Dr C. Forster, Pounds 35,000 from North West Water (examination of dual anaerobic digestion); Drs B. Jones and J. Shippen, Pounds 69,280 from the Teaching Company Directorate (scheme with Caradon/Mira Ltd.) and Pounds 78,000 from Caradon/Mira Ltd; Dr P. Bowen and Professor M. Loretto, Pounds 84,590 from the Defence Research Agency (research centre in materials for high performance applications: in situ SEM studies); Drs A. Herbert and J. Tellam and Professor J. Lloyd, Pounds 40,600 from British Gas E & P (numerical study to interpret head observations in North Sea sandstone units); Drs K. Browne and C. Hollin, Pounds 62,265 from the Home Office (effects of video film on the behaviour of young offenders); Dr S. Harrad, Pounds 30,850 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (modelling the transmission of contaminants through the food chain) and, with Professor R. Harrison, Pounds 33,608 from Ethyl Air Conservation (temporal trends in exposure of the general population to lead and influences upon the body burden of lead); Dr F. Reynolds, Pounds 67,646 (fellowship); Mr S. Buteux, Pounds 31,842 from the Highways Agency (A564 Derby Southern Bypass); Mr N. Brocklehurst, Pounds 83,683 from Sandwell Health Authority (analysis of the costs and effectiveness of designing and implementing models of clinical supervision for nurses); Dr J. Raine, Pounds 31,000 from the Public Health Trust (crime and public health); Dr D. Knight, Pounds 44,000 from Cast Iron Services (performance characteristics of bridgeflow kerb channel units for the drainage of bridge pavement surfaces);

Dr R. Kerali, Pounds 125,000 from the World Bank (international study of highway development and management - year 2); Dr J. Allan, Pounds 44,000 from London Underground Ltd (early failure warning systems for mechanical signalling systems - condition monitoring system on Metropolitan line); Dr S. Fararooy, Pounds 70,000 from London Underground Ltd (condition monitoring of railway signalling equipment for Northern line) and Pounds 49,500 from Railtrack plc (measurement of overhead wire geometry from a moving vehicle at high speed); Dr C. Constantinou, Pounds 33,400 from British Telecom plc (fundamental investigation of microcellular propagation models); Professor P. Hall, Pounds 29,400 from British Telecom plc (multi-frequency antennae for personal mobile communications); Dr E. Hoare, Pounds 47,600 from Jaguar Cars plc (frequency scanned mm-wave multi-beam radar sensors for automotive applications); Dr B. Kirwan, Pounds 37,451 from British Nuclear Fuels (research into Springfield human factors);

Professor T. Dean, Pounds 86,000 from Teaching Company Directorate (scheme with UES Garringtons) and Pounds 65,000 from United Engineering Steels Ltd (company scheme EPSRC/UES Garringtons); Dr M. Wyszynski, Pounds 26,829 from the Higher Education Funding Council of England (quality in engineering through science and technology); Dr M. Jolly, Pounds 63,000 from Perkins Technology Ltd (advanced design capability in castings); Dr G. Cope, Pounds 65,441 from Department of Health (cotinine smoking testing device for use as aid to improve smoking cessation during pregnancy); Professor F. Hobbs, Pounds 42,483 from NHS Executive - North Thames RHA (assessment of anticoagulant control in primary care using near patient testing and computerised decision support); Dr D. Luesley, Pounds 60,768 from West Midlands Health (characterisation of cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses in ovarian cancer with particular reference to T cell costimilatory);

Dr S. Cumella, Pounds 57,316 from North Warwickshire NHS Trust (research into mental disability); Dr C. Macarthur, Pounds 41,222 from West Midlands Health (promoting sexual health in relation to HIV); Mrs D. Wild, Pounds 37,908 from Solihull Healthcare NHS Trust (stroke services project); Professor A. Barnett, Pounds 26,255 from Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (trans-racial analysis of HLA class II regulatory region polymorphism); Mr M. Kuo, Pounds 31,804 from Royal College of Surgeons (tumour suppressor genes and clinical behaviour in laryngeal cancer); Professor A. Geddes, Pounds 34,603 from Lilly Industries Ltd (collaborative studies into mechanisms of resistance by various bacteria against beta lactamase stable antibiotics);

Professor W. Littler and Dr J. Valle, Pounds 54,554 from West Midlands Health (cardiac vagal activity in health and cardiovascular disease: effect of beta-blockers and angiotensin converting enzyme); Dr N. Buller, Pounds 56,308 from University of Oxford (heart protection study); Dr S. Faux, Pounds 83,114 from Health and Safety Executive (signal transduction and oxidative stress in cell proliferation); Professor J. Harrington, Pounds 44,842 from ECBC (X-ray progression study).

continued next week

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