December 29, 1995

THE UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL. Charities. Drs K. P. Walsh and N. J. Shaw, Pounds 54,569 from British Heart Foundation (R. F. Martin junior research fellowship); Professor B. A. Wood, Pounds 65,066 from Royal Society (the control of the calcium second messenger system: single-cell measurements. University Research Fellowship: Dr K. S. R. Cuthbertson); Dr S. C. Wray, Pounds 181,355 from Wellcome Trust (the regulation of uterine contractility by [Ca2+]i in normoxia and hypoxia).

Research grants

Dr M. G. Barry and Professor D. J. Back, Pounds 105,926 from the Medical Research Council (intracellular phosphorylation of zidovudine in HIV positive patients: relationship with virological markers); Professor J. H. Bungey, Dr S. G. Millard and Mr C. Thomas, Pounds 135,182 from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (interpretation of radar signals from river scour hole surveys); Dr S. Cohen and Ms C. Atkinson Pounds 71,170 from Economic and Social Research Council (popular music and the social, cultural, and economic production of locality): Dr J. W. Coleman, Pounds 137,210 from MRC (cytokine regulation of mast cell function in vivo); Dr A. R. Cossins, Pounds 198,487 from National Environment Research council (environmental cold adaptation: the underlying mechanisms).

Dr S.M. Higham, Pounds 62,606 from MRC (development of an in-vitro model to study root surface caries); Professor M. J. Jackson, Pounds 102,339 from Wellcome Trust (stress proteins in the protection of skeletal muscle against damage); Professor G. R. Jones, Dr J. W. Spencer and Mr D. R. Turner, Pounds 165,347 from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (electromagnetic control for improving the performance of high pressure arc devices); Professor N. J. Kusznir, Pounds 73,109 from NERC (development of elastic theory for 3-D diplacement response to basement faulting beneath sediment cover); Dr A. J. McCarthy and Professor J. R. Saunders, Pounds 140,256 from NERC (molecular biological analysis of the communities of ammonia-oxidising bacteria in lakewater and sediments); Professor T. A. Norton, Pounds 85,159 from NERC (the utilisation of pelagic food sources by brittle star beds); Professor B. A. O'Connor, Mr N. J. MacDonald and Dr K. H. M. Ali, Pounds 143,074 from EPSRC (hydrodynamics and morphodynamics associated with offshore structures); Professor D. J. Oldham and Dr M. W. Johnson, Pounds 156,416 from EPSRC (the prediction of airflow generated noise in ventilation systems); Drs P. C. B. Page and J. A. Gallagher, Pounds 98,670 from MRC (synthesis of novel therapeutic agents for metastatic bone disease); Dr M. Pirmohamed and Professor B. K. Park, Pounds 79,165 from MRC (investigation of the hydroxylamine hypothesis of sulphonamide hypersensitivity in patients with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome); Professor H. H. Rees and Dr P. C. Turner, Pounds 231,428 from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (mandibular organ-inhibiting hormone and methyl farnesoate in control of moulting and reproduction in crabs); Drs D. W. Shimmin, S. Taylor and K. I. Nuttall, Pounds 152,941 from EPSRC (investigation of the integrated design of a small electrical machine and power electronic drive.

Professor J. S.Watterson and Dr J. J. Walsh, Pounds 60,193 from NERC (fault systematics and development of a half-graben); Professor D. F. Williams, Pounds 256,672 from EPSRC (mechanisms of biocompatibility); Dr R. G. Williams, Pounds 57,168 from NERC (a co-operative European investigation of the northeast Atlantic water mass circulation).


Charities Dr P. Nugent, Pounds 133,841 from the British Heart Foundation (purification and characterisation of the selective human endothelin receptor ETA); Dr H. van der Lely, Pounds 284,409 from the Wellcome Trust (study of the underlying nature and cause of specific language impairment in children: psycholinguistic investigation); Dr B. Wallace, Pounds 121,326 from the BHF (crystal structure analysis of human endothelin analogues).

Research contracts Dr A. Drake, Pounds 160,240 from the Teaching Company Scheme (joint project with Applied Photophysics Ltd; Drs D. Horn, J. Raper, C. Bristow and Mr D. Livingstone, Pounds 129,783 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (joint project with the Babtie Group on geomorphology of SPITS & NESSES); Dr M. Thompson, Pounds 156,060 from MAFF (effect of frequency of proficiency testing on the performance of laboratories).

Research grants Dr B. Bax, Pounds 133,628 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (structural studies on ADP-Ribosylation factor [ARF] and members of the RHO family of small GTP-binding proteins); Professor T. Blundell, Pounds 131,015 from the Medical Research Council (structural biology of wild-type and mutant fibroblast growth factor receptors: computational and X-ray analysis); Professor G. Goldsworthy, Pounds 190,356 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (project A search for physiologically active insulin-like regulators of metabolism in locusta); Professor J. Goodfellow and Dr R. Johnson, Pounds 136,760 from the BBSRC (validation protocols and data management for computer simulation of macromolecules); Dr D. Moss, Pounds 136,000 from the BBSRC (class library for bioinformatics and molecular modelling); Dr H. Saibil, Pounds 136,920 from BBSRC (structure and assembly of retrotransposon virus-like particles); Dr P. Travers, Pounds 267,109 from the MRC (interaction between T cell receptors and MHC:peptide complex with agonist and antagonist peptides); Professor L. Tyler, Pounds 225,318 from the MRC (senior research leave fellowship) plus supplementary award of Pounds 20,305.

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH Charities Dr D. Henderson, Pounds 31,858 from The Scots at War Trust (fellowship to identify, collate, interpret experiences of Scotland's Armed Services and its civilian counterparts); Dr J. Allan, Pounds 294,523 from the Wellcome Trust (structure and function of chromatin); Professor J. Phillips, Pounds 60,000 from the Wellcome Trust (supplement in support of research); Professor K. Fox, Pounds 83,795 from the British Heart Foundation (development of new cardiac ultrasound techniques) and Pounds 51,058 from BHF (supplement in support of research); Professor D. Taylor, Pounds 85,000 from Edna McConnel Clark (onchocerca vaccine); Dr A. Harrison, Pounds 10,000 from the Royal Society (inorganic nitrides and thin films); Dr C. Kelnar, Pounds 6,000 from the Child Growth Foundation (supplement in support of research); Dr P. Sandercock, Pounds 135,753 from the Wellcome Foundation (in support of research); Drs P. Langhorne, M. Dennis, Mr. J. Slattery and Professor C. Warlow, Pounds 12,966 from the Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (overview of stroke unit care); Mr M. Dennis, Pounds 20,952 from Chest Heart and Stroke Association (supplement); Dr D. Wilshaw, Pounds 52,957 from the Wellcome Trust (computational models of developing neural systems); Dr R. Davidson, Pounds 1,700 from the Wellcome Trust (history of contact tracing for sexually transmitted diseases in Scotland); Professor E. Williamson, Pounds 13,968 from the Leverhulme Trust (critical biography of Jorge Luis Borges).

to be continued

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