September 15, 1995

University of Newcastle UPON TYNE

Research grants. Dr M J Downie, Pounds 122,838 EPSRC (teaching company scheme between Tyne Dock Engineering, engineering Design Centre & Department of Marine Technology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne); Dr M J Downie, Pounds 104,433 from EPSRC (assessing the reliability of hyrdrodynamic predictions for floating production systems with parallel computers) Professor P W Marshall, Pounds 148,849 from EPSRC (bulk carrier structural integrity - SHP 194); Dr R F W Jackson, Pounds 76,874 from EPSRC (ROPA; an approach to the systhesis of C-glycosides using nucleophilic glycosyl donors); Professor GT Golding, Pounds 128,3 from EPSRC (ROPA; inhibitors of methionine synthase); Dr R J Errington Pounds 128,602 from EPSRC (polyoxometallate supramolecular chemistry; the inorganic-organic interface); Professor W McFarlane, Pounds 102,603 from EPSRC (NMR studies of solution structures of coordination and organometallic compounds); Mr W Li, Pounds 185,280 from Economic and Social Research Council (first language maintenance & development by british born chinese children in Tyneside); European funds Professor C E Hormaeche, Pounds 57,692 from the Commission of the European Communities (molecular analysis of virulence of facultative intracelluar); Professor T Anderson, Pounds 64,615 from the Commission of the European Communities (integration of safety analysis techniques for process); Dr S J Hall, Pounds 93,817 from the Commission of the European Communities (long term trends in communities on north sea fishing grounds).


Charities. Professor D R Boyd, Professor K R Seddon, Dr B J Walker, Professor J Grimshaw, Professor M A McKervey, Pounds 145,695, The Wellcome Trust, (to purchase equipment for the application of NMR spectroscopy in biomedical research); Dr S E H Russell, Pounds 84,382 from the Cancer Research Campaign (Northern Ireland) (for the purchase of equipment for the new ovarian cancer research laboratory); Dr U Chakravarthy, Pounds 325,321 The Wellcome Trust (investigation of the abnormalities of the endothelium derived vasoactive agents in the pathogenesis of diabetic microvascular disease); Professor D B Archer, Pounds 89,539 from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (stereological analysis of the three dimensional structure of the normal and diabetic retinal microvasculature including the effects of Aldose reductase inhibition, aminoguanidine and antioxidant treatment); Dr J Gardner, Pounds 82,600 from the Action Belfast Team (reading recovery evaluation project); Professor G Hepper, Pounds 53,576 from the Alcohol Education and Research Council (maternal alcohol consumption and the behaviour of the foetus).

Research contracts. Professor K D Buchanan, Pounds 139,946 from Ispen Biotech SNC, France (investigation of the effects of somatuline).

to be continued

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