June 28, 1996

IMPERIAL COLLEGE, LONDON Charities Dr P. Sugden, Pounds 118,769 from the British Heart Foundation (regulation of stress-activated subfamilies of the mitogen-activated protein kinase family and their role in the adaption of the cardiomycyte to cellular stresses); Dr R. Sitsapesan, Pounds 255,674 from the British Heart Foundation (new insights into the gating mechanisms of the cardiac ryanodine receptor channel);

Dr T. Evans, Pounds 124,787 from the BHF (molecular and pharmacological basis of pulmonary and systemic vascular control in the critically ill); Dr P. Little, Pounds 184,245 from Imperial Cancer Research Fund (support for research assistant); Dr J. Maskell, Pounds 251,988 from the Wellcome Trust (molecular genetics and biochemistry of bordatella lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis and the role of lipopolysaccharide in bordatella infections); Dr P. Booth, Pounds 61,682 from the Wellcome Trust (how and why do membrane proteins insert, fold and gain functionality); Drs K. Parker and C. Winlove, Pounds 1,022 from the Wellcome Trust (macromolecular transport in the extracellular matrix: effects of matrix structure, solute properties and mechanical loading); Professor J. Lamb, Pounds 144,410 from Wellcome Trust (senior fellowship); Professor R. Sinden and Dr A. Crisanti, Pounds 307, 141 from the Wellcome Trust (genetic variation in crytosporidium parvum isolates from different hosts); Dr S. Harding, Pounds 78,053 from the Wellcome Trust (study of cyclic AMP-dependent arrhythmias and inhibiting G-protein in failing human heart); Professor N. Severs, Pounds 147,106 from the Wellcome Trust (expression of GAP-Junctional connexins in human heart disease); Professor P. Barnes, Pounds 141,011 from the Wellcome Trust (role of phospholipase A2 and MAP kinase in the activation of the NADPH oxidase in adherent cosinophils).

European funds Dr H. Godfray, Pounds 63,788 from the European Commission (biology and systematics of aphid hyperparasitoids, fellowship); Dr A. Livingston, Pounds 192,000 from EC (extractive membrane bioreactors for detoxification of chemical industry wastes); Dr R. Kandiyoti, Pounds 144,000 from EC (operational problems, trace emissions and by-product management for industrial biomass co-combustion) and Pounds 200,000 from EC (development of improved solid fuel gasification systems for cost-effective power generation with low environmental impact); Dr D. Craig, Pounds 36,889 from EC (synthesis of dimerization inhibitors of HIV-1 protease-synthesis of A-ring of taxol: fellowship); Dr G. Khoury, Pounds 104,000 from CEF (understanding and industrial application of high performance concretes in high temperature environment); Drs J. Kramer, J. Magee and M. Sloman, Pounds 114,043 from EC (architecture reasoning for embedded software); Dr R. Issa, Pounds 124,800 from EC (open interface for coupling of industrial simulation codes on parallel systems); Professor F. Lockwood, Pounds 163,570 from EC (slagging and fouling); Professors J. Whitelaw and A. Gosman, Pounds 260,000 from EC (mixture preparation for transient operation: experiments and calculations); Professor J. Pendry, Pounds 73,139 from EC (properties of nanostructured materials: sers-active systems and arrays of quantum dots: fellowship); Professor P. Dornan, Pounds 72,979 from EC (investigation of diffractive inelastic scattering at Hera and development of an opto-electronic redout system for the CMS experiment) and Pounds 77,139 from EC (extraction of the gluon density in the proton from exclusive vector meson production in electron protein scattering: fellowship); Professor J. Lawton, Pounds 243,082 from EC (biodiversity and ecological processes in terrestrial ecosystems: experimental manipulations of plant communities).

Research contracts Professor J. Lester, Pounds 31,800 from Anglian Water Services Ltd (environmental investment evaluation system); Mr G. Salkin, Pounds 37,500 from BP Finance (risk management) and with Professor N. Christofides, Pounds 69,000 from British Gas (asset liability management) and Pounds 69,000 from British Gas (foreign exchange management) and Pounds 75,000 from National Westminster Bank plc (risk management, option theory and shareholder value); Professor J. Williams, Pounds 64,966 from E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. (residual stresses in polymer sheets); Dr C. Arcoumanis, Pounds 37,300 from Ford Motor Company Ltd (Lynx through employing contract analysis); Dr E. Alton, Pounds 43,500 from Glaxo Group Research (gene transfer cystic fibrosis); Dr N. Buenfeld, Pounds 40,816 from Lafarge Fondu International (unspecified research); Mr G. Salkin and Dr C. Barnett, Pounds 75,000 from Midland Bank (risk management); Professor E. Freeman, Pounds 183,156 from Ministry of Defence (detection of remote ocean structures); Professor M. McLean, Pounds 989,360 from MoD (modelling the microstructural developments in turbine disc alloys during secondary melting); Professor D. Phillips, Pounds 29,032 from Monsanto Company (chemistry research); Professor M. Rowan-Robinson, Pounds 46,5 from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK infrared space observatory: support); Drs C. Sollars and A. Butler, Pounds 100,000 from SITA (landfill modelling research).

Research grants Dr G. Warren, Pounds 265,000 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (identifying genes for freezing tolerance in arabidopsis); Dr D. Williams, Pounds 37,128 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (nano and micromechanical testing equipment); Dr J. Trusler, Pounds 43,166 from EPSRC (acoustic measurements of fluid properties at high pressures); Drs I. Metcalfe and P. Middleton, Pounds 62,000 from EPSRC (novel apparatus for combined gravimetric, catalytic and electrocatalytic measurements); Dr A. Holmes, Pounds 26,136 from EPSRC (laser-assisted batch assembly of microsystems); Drs J. Driscoll, L. Cohen and Professor B. Coles, Pounds 119,615 from EPSRC (materials science and technological optimisation of colossal magnetoresistive oxides for device application); Professors H. McShane and M. McLean, Pounds 166,530 from EPSRC (synthesis of structural intermetallics by simultaneous hot extrusion and reaction synthesis); Drs E. Busso and N. O'Dowd and Professor G. Webster, Pounds 148,869 from EPSRC (micromechanics-based models to predict creep and fatigue failure in single crystal superalloys); Dr M. Ristic, Pounds 257,101 from EPSRC (integrated measurement and modelling of complex parts); Dr R. Issa, Pounds 131,109 from EPSRC (the use of T-junctions as phase separators in gas/liquid flows); Professors J. Pendry, D. Vedensky and Drs A. Mackinnon and W. Foulkes, Pounds 63,439 from EPSRC (computational studies of the condensed matter); Professor P. Knight, Pounds 38,000 from EPSRC (reconstruction of quantum states of light on different observation levels: fellowship); Dr J. Haigh, Pounds 52,249 from the Natural Environment Research Council (centre for global atmospheric modelling support); Drs J. Hassard and A. Payne and Professor A. Goddard, Pounds 101,084 from Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (ultrafast, inexpensive and robust neutron sources and detector for the interrogation of moderating materials).

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