June 7, 1996

SWANSEA INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION. The Product Development Centre has received Pounds 546,838 from the European Regional Development Fund (development of a medical technology transfer centre and expansion of the size and activities of the centre).


The Great Court Scheme has attracted the following donations: Pounds 30m from the Millenium Commission Pounds 6m from Mr and Mrs W. Annenberg (the Annenberg Foundation) for the Information Centre in the Round Reading Room; Pounds 4m from Sir Robert Sainsbury, Lady Sainsbury, David and Susie Sainsbury for the African Galleries.


The National Lottery (via the Arts Council of England) awarded a grant of Pounds 100,000 for a feasibility study into the Biorama Real Lives Centre, a venture put forward by the British Institute of Biography and Royal Holloway.



Professor R. Simmons and Dr D. Smith, Pounds 111,772 from the Wellcome Trust (stochastic model for generation of force and displacement by isolated muscle motor proteins); Dr M. Curtis, Pounds 54,511 from the British Heart Foundation (Platelet activating factor, platelets and myocardial ischaemia: role of independent versus platelet-dependent actions of PAF to elicit cardiac arrhythmia's contractile and coronary vascular dysfunction); Dr G. Mann, Pounds 30,444 from the BHF (impairment of the L-arginine-nitric oxide signalling pathway in vascular cells in uraemia) and Pounds 97,506 from BHF (modulation of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide signalling pathways by oxidatively modified LDL in vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells) and Pounds 80,000 from Tommy's Campaign (regulation of the L-arginine-nitric oxide signalling pathway in human cultured myometrial smooth muscle cells); Professor C. Marriott, Pounds 24,738 from C.W.

Maplethorpe Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of London (supplement to support fellowships in pharmacy dept.); Dr C. Buchanan, Pounds 24,685 from Joint Research Committee (growth factors and impaired growth); Dr G. Mufti and Professor A. Bellingham, Pounds 62,967 from Leukaemia Research Fund (clinical training fellowship); Drs M. Christie and E. Hatfield, Pounds 120,316 from the Wellcome Trust (study of antibody recognition of the protein tyrosine phosphatase IA-2; novel autoantigen in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus); Dr D. Shori, Pounds 26,910 from the Research Strategy Fund (junior studentship award); Dr J. Boyce, Pounds 24,738 from IRIS Fund (image analysis of posterior capsule opacification); Dr C. Hoerl and Professor D. Papineau, Pounds 34,920 from the University of London Jacobsen Trust Fund (fellowship); Professor N. Staines, Pounds 42,195 from the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (contribution towards purchase of HPLC system and automated peptide synthesiser); Professor J. Whitfield, Pounds 20,691 from Sir Halley Stewart Trust (investigate the pharmacology and therapeutic efficacy of the analogues of Atanine); Dr M. Maden, Pounds 143,339 from the Wellcome Trust (genetic specification of CNS development: neuronal and neural crest phenotype in the developing hindbrain); Professor L. Fraser, Pounds 157,363 from the Wellcome Trust (mechanisms of action of fertilisation promoting peptide, a TRH-related tripeptide in mammalian spermatozoa); Dr A. Dluzewski and Professor R. Simmons, Pounds 85,820 from the Wellcome Trust (metabolic control of malarial invasion); Professor J. Littlejohn, Pounds 35,539 from the Wellcome Trust (specific mechanisms for neuroprotection caused by prior exposure to nicotine);

Professor P. Jenner, $400,000 from the National Parkinson Foundation incls., (support of research on Parkinson's disease); Drs D. Dolman and N. Abbott, Pounds 153,519 from the Wellcome Trust (ion transport by the brain endotheliem and its modulation: studies on in vitro models of the blood-brain barrier); Dr C. Wheeler-Jones and Professor J. Pearson, Pounds 126,843 from the British Heart Foundation (intermediate research fellowship); Professor J. Pearson, Pounds 30,147 from the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (support for chairman of the research sub-committee); Mr S. Onyett, Pounds 32,746 from Mental After Care Association (evaluation of the Leicester prisoners mental health care planning project); Professor D. Vergani, Pounds 30,328 from Children's Liver Disease Foundation (establishment of an immunoprecipitation assay with native cytochrome P4502DS to measure liver kidney microsomal (LKMI) antibody in patients with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and hepatitis C virus (HCV infection); Dr P. Banga, Pounds 112,8 from British Diabetic Association (a novel mutant of glumatic acid decarboxylase 65 that lacks enzyme activity and reactivity); Professor C. Binnie, Pounds 100,000 from Trust Fund for Epilepsy (transitory cognitive impairment (TCI) in children).

Research contracts

Professor J. Roberts, Pounds 146,102 from the British Academy (middle English word studies); Professor A. Grubb, Pounds 104,562 from South Thames Regional Health Authority (evaluate models of ethics committee approval of multi-centre research projects); Dr S. Cowley, Pounds 48,990 from the Department of Health (Anglia and Oxford HRA) (research studentship); Dr P. White, Pounds 64,824 from Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Commission (severe asthma interface development project); Drs P. Bath and F. Bath, Pounds 50,966 from South Thames Regional Health Authority (systematic review of blood pressure management in acute stroke); Professor C. Page, Pounds 173,644 from Purdue Frederick Company (role of PDB isozymes and inhibitors in allergic inflammation and asthma); Professor J. Littleton, Pounds 25,000 from Groupe Lipha (contribution in support of research on alcohol dependence); Dr V. Hurley, Pounds 158,562 from South and West Regional Health Authority (NHS national physical and complex disabilities R&D programme: rehabilitation of patients with rheumatoid arthritis); Dr J. Meyer, Pounds 99,953 from the Department of Health (building partnerships for success: community care development programme); Professor C. Geissler, Drs C. Carvalho Smith and S. Davies, Pounds 37,600 from Nutricia Research Foundation (effect of multivitamin/mineral supplementation on immune and cognitive function in older people); Mrs J. Houghton, Pounds 32,328 from NHS Executive (biochemical markers of response to adjuvant tamoxifen therapy in breast cancer); Professor B. Hendry, Pounds 140,000 from BUPA Medical Foundation/Welton Foundation/King's Medical Research Trust (a study of the actions of endothelin on renal cell calcium); Dr P. Bath, Pounds 79,771 from NHS Executive (R&D Programme)(early prediction of rehabilitation needs following acute stroke); Professor J. Langdon and Dr M. Partridge, Pounds 79,991 from South Thames Regional Health Authority (molecular genetics for management of patients with oral malignancy).

Research grants

Professor C. Hamnett, Pounds 35,610 from the ESRC (social change and social polarisation in London); Dr M. Maguire and Ms C. Jones, Pounds 25,200 from the EESRC (investigation into the school experience of ethnic minority student teachers); Dr H. Davies, Pounds 117,309 from the Medical Research Council (analysis of T lymphocyte responses during evolution of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia)

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