June 14, 1996

KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON. Research grants

Professor R. Poole, Pounds 182,676 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (regulation of respiratory metabolism in the free-living nitrogen-fixing bacterium azotobacter vinelandii); and Pounds 164,136 from BBSRC (falvhaemoglobin (HMP) of escherichia coli and its role in responses to oxidative stress and nitrogen compounds); Drs K. O'Byrne, S. Milligan and C. Coen, Pounds 164,356 from the Medical Research Council (environmental oestrogens and the central pulse generator controlling reproduction: a novel approach to a critical issue); Dr L. Mahadevan, Pounds 136,204 from BBSRC (the role of mitogen-stimulated HMG-14 phosphorylation in immediate-early gene induction); Dr S. Dickson, Pounds 51,229 from MRC (neural mechanisms regulating the secretion of growth hormones); Dr M. Irving, Pounds 165,315 from MRC (the molecular mechanism of force generation in muscle: time-resolved x-ray diffraction); Drs H. Markus and S. Leeman, Pounds 30,420 from MRC (differentiation between gaseous and solid emboli using Doppler ultrasound); Dr. A. Michette Pounds 268,232 from BBSRC (irradiation of sub-cellular targets using an ultrasoft x-ray microprobe) and with Dr C. Buckley, Pounds 163,743 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (laboratory scanning x-ray microscope); Professor R. Sorabji, Pounds 146,102 from the British Academy Humanities Research Board (institutional fellowships award 1995/96: ancient commentators) and Pounds 128,693 from the Humanities Research Board (British Academy Wolfson research professorship); Professor A. Tinker and Dr C. Jarvis, Pounds 24,620 from ESRC (past, present and projected trends in old age morbidity); Dr G. Watts, Pounds 103,252 from EPSRC (advanced fellowship); Professor E. Pike and Dr S. Sarkar, Pounds 131,911 from EPSRC (dynamical properties of high Tc superconductors and strongly correlated electron systems).

European funds

Mrs S. Rouve, Ecu434,184 from European Training Foundation (inter-university foreign language training network); Professors M. Clarke and L. Freedman, Ecu75,030 from EU European Democracy Programme (security and democracy in the new Europe II); Professor R. Simmons and Dr G. Jones, Ecu97,662 from the HCM Programme (muscle and cell motility: fundamental mechanisms); Professor A. Davies, Ecu298,175 from European Training Foundation (education in signal processing and circuits for signal processing); Professor J. Thornes, Ecu290,000 from the EC (concerted action on: desertification and its relevance to contemporary environmental problems in the Mediterranean) and Ecu811,745 (Mediterranean desertification and land use. MEDALUS III: project 4 ephemeral channels and rivers); Professor D. Hall, Ecu119,933 from EC (total costs and benefits of biomass in selected regions of the European Union); Mr P. Cesare and Professor P. McNaughton, Ecu80,036 from the EC TMR Programme (support a research studentship entitled sensory transduction in pain-sensitive neurones); Dr S. Mather, Ecu59,375 from EC (advanced Easter School in radiopharmaceutics); Dr S. Velastin and Professor A. Davies, Ecu125,237 from EC (crowd management with telematic imaging and communications assistance); Professor A. Rogers and Dr V. Handerek, Ecu245,460 from the EC (multigigabit interconnection using dispersion compensation and advanced solition techniques) and Ecu300,700 from the EC (fibre optic strain monitoring at elevated temperatures); Dr K.

Jauregui and Professor J. Jefferson, Ecu91,224 from the EC TMR Programme (strongly correlated electron problem: from the Hubbard model to quantum dots).



Professor S. Oliver, Pounds 133,705 from the Wellcome Trust (towards the minimalist yeast); Professor R. Beynon, Pounds 137,606 from the Wellcome Trust (structural principles of protein molecular recognition).

Research contracts

Professor D. Hayhurst, Pounds 161,847 from Nuclear Electric plc (assessment procedure for the determination of reheat cracking initiation and growth in 316 stainless steel); Professor B. Dale, Pounds 69,280 from TCD/Department of Trade and Industry and Pounds 78,000 from North West Water (teaching company scheme - North West Water) and with Professor P. McGoldrick, two sums of Pounds 179,600 and Pounds 136,400 from TCD/DTi (Littlewoods Chain Store Holdings company teaching scheme); Professor L. Davis, Pounds 110,246 from National Physics Laboratory (development of high Q HTS planar resonators as secondary frequency standards); Dr R. Smith, Pounds 284,000 from various sponsors (integrated process design research consortium); Professor S. Reid, Mr P. Soden and Dr L. Li, Pounds 162,617 from the Ministry of Defence (effect of damage in composite laminated structures); Professor M. Leschziner, Pounds 139,000 from British Aerospace (computational modelling of 3D separated transonic flows); Professor P. Payne, Pounds 101,208 from AromaScan (AC based instrument).

Research grants

Professor S. Oliver, Pounds 375,708 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (elucidation exploitation of the function of novel yeast genes revealed in systematic genome sequencing); Professor D. Knights, Pounds 143,340 from the Economic and Social Research Council (innovations in UK management control); Professor D. Bosworth, Pounds 61,251 from ESRC (company performance and the evaluation of intellectual performance); Dr D. Leigh, Pounds 114,519 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Mannich base dendrimers - cheap and versatile monodispersed macromolecules); Drs J. Vickerman and C. Carr, Pounds 458,932 from EPSRC (development of a unique imaging TOFSIMS instrument with femtosecond laser positionisation capability); Mr J. Dwyer, Professor K. Waugh and Dr P. Sharratt, Pounds 173,739 from EPSRC (FTIR microscopy as a novel technique to determine fundamental parameters in gas separation techniques); Drs S. Lyon and J. Scantlebury, Pounds 116,087 from EPSRC (coil-coated architectural cladding: mechanisms of durability and development of realistic accelerated tests); Professor R. Coombs, Pounds 78,920 from ESRC (management in knowledge-intensive organisation); Dr M. Smith, Pounds 125,686 from the Natural Environment Research Council (atmospheric aerosol: physico-chemical and nucleation properties of internally mixed particles).

European funds

Dr A. Williamson, Pounds 178,390 from the Commission of the EU (directly driven wind turbine generator); Professor D. Morris, Mr D. Evans and Dr P.Green, Pounds 184,067 from CEU (modular microelectronics system design); Professor J. Rubery, Pounds 291,036 from CEU (network on women in the labour market).



Dr M. Padgett, Pounds 164,086 from Royal Society (optical spanners/optical pollution monitoring); Dr J. Richardson, Pounds 102,257 from Royal Society (structure/function relationship of diarrhoea inducing bacterial toxins); Professor M. Malek, Pounds 33,600 from University of Dundee (extension of collaborative project grant); Dr J. Sommerville, Pounds 102,482 from the Wellcome Trust (characterisation of a putative oocyte-specific RNA helicase from Xenopus); Dr R. Morris, Pounds 77,606 from the Royal Society of Edinburgh (personal research fellowship); Professor A. Davies, Pounds 52,957 from the Wellcome Trust (identification of the cellular interactions and factors regulating the proliferation and differentiation of neurogenic placodal ectoderm); Dr C. Given-Wilson, Pounds 306,510 from the Leverhulme Trust (Rotuli Parliamentorum: a new edition); Dr F. Flitney, Pounds 105,693 from British Heart Foundation (dynamic responses of the intermediate filament cytoskeleton in endothelial cells subjected to controlled fluid shear stresses); Professor P. Bruce, Pounds 36,483 from the Leverhulme Trust (structure of polymer electrolytes).

Research contracts

Drs J. Crayston and J. Walton, Pounds 59,650 from the Defence Research Agency (study of functionalised polythiophenes); Dr J. Lesurf, Pounds 51,547 from DRA (broadband millimetre wave systems - supplement); Professor T. Lee, Pounds 41,676 from British Nuclear Fuels plc (development of a generic safety survey for the nuclear industry); Professor D. Cole-Hamilton, Pounds 41,100 from Ciba Geigy Industrial Chemicals (changing the colour of pigments by controlling particle size); Dr M. Padgett and Professor W. Sibbett, Pounds 35,790 from Shell Research Ltd (monitoring of pollutant gases) Dr M. Ebrahimzadeh, Pounds 25,006 from British Aerospace Defence Ltd (investigate and demonstrate the feasibility of generating tuneable Mid-IR femtosecond CWML laser radiation) and Pounds 125,897 from the Defence Research Agency (mid infra-red CW optical parametric oscillator); Professor M. Tooley, Pounds 39,000 from Cleveland County Council (Carr House Sands project); Professor S. Buckland, Pounds 28,266 from International Whaling Commission (extension of the IWC database project: new data and IDCR analyses); Dr P. Bryant, Pounds 125,211 from Westlakes Research Institute (molecular mechanisms of conversion of DNA double-strand breaks into visible chromatid breaks); Professors M. Dunn and W. Sibbett, Pounds 123,954 from the DRA (high energy/mean power tunable sources); Dr A. Magurran, Pounds 87,000 from the Department of the Environment (biodiversity of freshwater fish in Trinidad); Dr J. Doherty and Mr W. Edgar, Pounds 41,100 from Scottish Homes (grants for rents and ownership recording system); Professor Dunn, Pounds 40,000 from DRA (simultaneous broad bandwidth, quasi-cw, opo source) and Pounds 30,000 from DRA (frequency chirped quasi cw opo source for laser radar application).

Research grants

Drs P. Foldiak and D. Perrett, Pounds 240,672 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (exploration of the complex shape selectivity of visual cortical neurons by automated stimulus optimisation).

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