April 26, 1996


Professor R. Denton, Pounds 806,182 from Medical Research Council (cell imaging facility); Mr T. Mesen, Pounds 46,890 from Economic and Social Research Council (measurement and analysis of urban morphology and land use change); Dr N. Whiteside, Pounds 31,760 from ESRC (private agencies for public purposes: an historical perspective); Dr A. Clarke, Pounds 155,088 from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (folding and stability of a B-sheet protein); Dr A. Nicholl, Pounds 31,580 from BBSRC (neuronal circuits in the visual cortex); Dr T. Gallagher, Pounds 78,700 from BBSRC (exploring and refining our concept of the nicotinic pharmacophore);

Dr S. Halford, Pounds 306,428 from BBSRC (integration of ecoru structure with function); Professor J. Holbrook, Pounds 167,728 from BBSRC (guided evolution of new dehydrogenase catalysts phase display and plate screens); Dr I. Cuthill, Pounds 141,840 from BBSRC (avian U.V. vision and sexual selection); Dr Wakerley, Pounds 144,912 from BBSRC (effects of periphartum steroidal changes on local coordination and noradrenergic control of bursting in oxytocin neurones); Dr N. Norman, Pounds 125,414 from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (oxidative addition reactions of boron-boron bonds to transition metal centres); Professor P. Green, Pounds 118,341 from EPSRC (reversible jump MCMC computation and bayesian model determination); Dr B. Mile, Pounds 43,026 from EPSRC (molecular basis of immune responses: a physio-chemical approach);

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Pounds 88,2 from EPSRC (telecommunications for all); Dr G. Nason, Pounds 117,581 from EPSRC (wavelet methods in statistics); Dr M. Wisnom, Pounds 35,069 from EPSRC (fibre placement and structures); Professor M. Springford, Pounds 166,064 from EPSRC (magnetic studies in heavy permion systems II); Dr M. Miles, Pounds 170,121 from EPSRC (scanning shear-force and near-field optical microscope for polymers); Professor S. Hogan, Pounds 58,907 from EPSRC (symmetry-breaking ground states in liquid crystal cells); Professor D. Evans, Pounds 89,616 from EPSRC (trapped modes in water waves and acoustics); Mr P. May, Pounds 63,178 from EPSRC (microwave assisted chemical vapour deposition of thin film diamond); Dr R. Richardson, Pounds 50,000 from the Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (surf reflectometer project); Professor D. Sharp and Dr J. Austoker, Pounds 223/534 from the MRC (trial in primary care to increase uptake of breast screening);

Professors J. Dunn and J. Golding, Pounds 468,747 from MRC (stepfamilies and children's development and adjustment); Professor J. Watkins, Pounds 82,314 from MRC (physiology and pharmacology of excitatory amino-acid transmitter systems in the mammalian central nervous system); Drs W. Bartlett and T. Rees, Pounds 117,520 from the ESRC (guidance services); Mr N. Ferguson, Pounds 280,210 from ESRC (social science information gateway); Professor R. Sellin, Pounds 130,958 from the EPSRC (behaviour of meandering mobile bed channels with overbank flow); Dr M. Allen, Pounds 142,555 from EPSRC (computer simulation of confined liquid crystals); Dr M. Hill, Pounds 55,130 from EPSRC (towards a Philips 400 electron microscope for the Bristol polymer group); Dr J. Trinick, Pounds 404,6 from the BBSRC (titin and nebulin).

European funds

Dr M. Beach, Pounds 93,374 from the Commission (ACTS 0026 Tsunami II); Drs A. Munro and J. Kyle, Pounds 694,392 from the EC (Umptidumpti ACTS project AC0 using mobile personal telecommunications innovation for the disabled in UMTS pervasive integration) to be continued

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