March 1, 1996

ANGLIA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY The Learning from Experience Trust, Pounds 54,150 by the National Lottery Charities Board for a project to design and pilot a learning from experience pack for people with disabilities to enable them to identify and describe their learning and demonstrate this to employers and others.


Research grants

Dr Richard Grant, Pounds 25,000 from the British Council (two-year training project for Russian university lecturers).


(continued from last week)

Research contracts

Dr A.Brown. Pounds 8,200 from the Department for Education and Employment (synoptic assessment in GNVQ) and Pounds 17,000 from the Business and Technology Education Council (quality review of GNVQ external testing systems); Dr P. Buckle, Pounds 20,960 from the Defence Research Agency (strategy for MOD anthropometry); Ms. R Butcher and Ms L. Jasper, Pounds 5,000 from South East Arts (South East Arts Commission: Unbroken View) and Pounds 2,000 from Southern Arts (Project administration 2); Dr M. Carter,

Pounds 22,743 from The Wellcome Trust (taxonomy of hepatitis E virus: use of a persistent infection) and Pounds 56,437 from Intervet UK Ltd (stable attenuation of DHV-1 vaccine purposes) and with Drs G.Kass and P. Sanders, Pounds 34,740 from Persistent Virus Disease Research Foundation (the effect of Coxsacki B virus proteins on the function of internal cell membranes); Professor I. Castro and Dr A. Robbins, Pounds 121,754 from Exxon Research and Engineering Company (dense gas dispersion in stable ambient conditions); Professor C. Clayton, Pounds ,600 from Thames Water Utilities Ltd (satellite remote sensing for water quality surveillance);

Professor G. Corbett, Pounds 3,330 from British Council (Russian verbal morphology: alternative restrospectives and implementations and their theoretical justifications); Dr M. Crowder, Pounds 7,500 from Nuclear Electric plc (fracture toughness of irradiated weld metal: probability models); Dr J. Dale, Pounds 9,050 from Royal Society (gene regulation in mycobacteria); Professor B. Evans, Pounds 81,990 from Alcatel Espace (satellite PCN channel characterisation); Dr D. Griffiths, Pounds 35,369 from the Department of the Environment (investigation into the punching shear capacity of chipboard); Professor J. Groeger, Pounds 268,634 from the Department of Transport (differential effects of formal and informal training); Drs I. Hamerton, J. Hay and B. Howlin, Pounds ,999 from DRA (development of novel high temperature polymeric materials for composite applications); Dr K. Young, Pounds 1760 from British Council (diagnosis in time series); Dr J. Edelmann, Pounds 4,2 from The Nuffield Foundation (psychological aspects of infertility - further analysis of existing data sets); Dr. B. Griffin, Pounds 2,000 from Nuffield Foundation (diet and small dense LDL); Dr S. Hourani, Pounds 116,356 from The Wellcome Trust (ectonucleotidases on smooth muscle preparations); Mr S. Hughes and Dr D. Ewins, Pounds 520,00 from Richmond Twickenham and Roehampton Healthcare NHS Trust (development of a clinical human movement analysis system); Drs J. Illingworth and A. Stoddart and Mr T. Windeatt, Pounds 3,000 and 161,848 from 3D Scanners Ltd (automated solder paste monitoring, inspection and control); Ms L. Jasper, Pounds 5,600 from the Arts Council of Great Britain (choreographic lab: pilot project); Dr D. Jefferies, Pounds 1,763 from INTAS (synchronisation and control of chaotic systems); Professor L. King, Pounds 3,000 from British Council (travel grant for exchange of scientists and teachers in field of environmental and occupational toxicology);

Professor J. Kittler and Dr P. Palmer, Pounds 71,759 from DRA (target acquisition using feedback control); Dr D. Loewenthal, Pounds 4,997 from North Downs Community Health (evaluation of a hospital at home scheme with particular reference to development of hybrid workers); Dr S. Price, Pounds 5,587 from A Frew Consultancy Services (11/95/TX); Dr P. Regan, Pounds 2,500 from Nuffield Foundation (nuclear spectroscopy with particular emphasis on exotic nuclei far from stability and novel nuclear shapes); Dr A. Robins and Ms L. Speirs, Pounds 29,837 from Shell Research Ltd (wind tunnel modelling of gas dispersion around process structures); Dr M Silver and Professor A. Adams, Pounds 50,000 from BNR Europe Ltd (theoretical modelling of optoelectronic devices); Dr D. Skene, Pounds 6,921 from the Wellcome Foundation (role of pineal gland in endotoxin shock); Drs G. Stevens and N. Bainton and Professor J. Lynch, Pounds 20,000 from the National Grid Company plc (feasibility study on bioremediation of power cable fluid spillage); Drs B. Stordy and A. Redfern, Pounds 15,487 from The Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionary Alliance (impact of the implementation of healthy eating guidelines on family eating patterns); Mr M. Tipton Pounds 15,196 from DRA (adverse effects of cold water breathing during helicopter underwater escape) and Pounds 48,281 from Whirley Bird Services Ltd (shark group suit tests to Shell spec.); Dr P. Tsakiropoulos, Pounds 36,500 from DRA (phase selection in titanium alloys).

Drs U. Tuzun and D. Heyes, Pounds 71,951 from The British Coal Utilisation Research Association Ltd. (effects of microstructure on the flow and handling properties of coal); Drs P. Voke and P. Hancock, Pounds 18,000 from Rolls-Royce plc (large-eddy simulation of unsteady flow over turbo machinery blades).

Research grants

Dr J. Al-Khalili, Pounds 6,820 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (nuclear physics study weekend at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories); Dr M. Carter, Pounds 129,456 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (stable attenuation of DHV-1 for vaccine purposes) and Pounds 169,564 from the Medical Research Council (intracellular aspects of astrovirus infection: non-structural proteins and determination of host cell range);

Professor J. Castle, Pounds 123,475 from EPSRC (adsorption and stability of corrosion inhibitors on duplex steels: in-situ investigation by chemical force); Professor I. Castro and Dr A. Robbins, Pounds 135,000 from the Natural Environmental Research Council (environmental flow research centre); Professor C. Clayton, Pounds 38,991 from EPSRC (design of retaining walls in weak rock); Professor G. Corbett and Messrs D. Brown and N. Fraser, Pounds 108,450 from Economic and Social Research Council (theory of network morphology); Drs J. Dale, L. Eales and J. McFadden, Pounds 152,387 from the MRC (gene replacement in mycobacterium tuberculosis); Professor B. Evans, Pounds 94,254 from EPSRC (user terminal positioning innon-geo mobile satellite communications systems); Professor M. Ghadiri, Pounds 211,012 from EPSRC (mitigation of attrition in fluid catalytic cracking units); Professor G. Gilbert, Pounds 108,490 from ESRC (guidelines for the design of advanced voice dialogues); Dr W. Gilboy, Pounds 85,033 from BBSRC (examination of root/soil interactions using computer-assisted tomography); Dr D. Gillies, Pounds 13,655 from EPSRC (NMR measurement of self-diffusion coefficients in the fringe field of superconducting magnets); Drs P. Goldfarb and I. Kitchen and Professor G. Gibson, Pounds 87,968 from MRC (neurotoxicity of halogenated alkenes: localisation and regulation of C-S lyase mRNA in rat and human brain);

Professor J. Harding and Dr G. Parke, Pounds 36,058 from EPSRC (structural response of an offshore topside module to hydrocarbon explosion); Dr J. Hay, Pounds 139,571 from EPSRC (clean synthesis of acrylic copolymers in supercritical carbon dioxide); Dr M. Heyes, Pounds 73,034 from EPSRC (atmostic simulation and spectral studies of hydrophobic effects in alkanol water mixtures); Dr J. Illingworth and Professor J. Kittler, Pounds 148,699 from EPSRC (hidden markov models for recognition of handwritten words); Drs A. Kondoz and S. Atungsiri, Pounds 108,374 from EPSRC (variable bit rate time envelope vocoder using source dependent rate switching); Professor H. Muller-Steinhagen, Pounds 225,374 from EPSRC (development of low-fouling heat exchanger surfaces) and Pounds 46,247 from EPSRC (non-scaling heating elements for household appliances); Professor E. O'Reilly, Dr D. Faux, Pounds 117,751 from EPSRC (theory and optimization of strained quantum-wire lasers); Mr R. Pierse, Pounds 48,590 from ESRC (software package for macroeconomics modelling); Professors B. Sealy and J. Shannon, Pounds 112,791 from EPSRC (current induced conductivity in amorphous silicon alloys); Professors B. Sealy, P. Hemment, K. Stephens and Dr R. Webb, Pounds 374,929 from EPSRC (ion beam facility for microelectronics).

to be continued

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