October 4, 1996


Professor S. Roberts, Pounds 55,264 from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (search for non-enzymic biocatalysts) and Pounds 108,913 from BBSRC (polyamino acides as chiral catalysts); Dr G. Schleyer and Professor N. Jones, Pounds 167,338 from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (experimental and analytical studies of structural response of stiffened plates to explosions); Professor T. Schulz, Pounds 142,940 from MRC (the herpes virus KSHV related to endemic and Aids-linked Karposi's sarcoma); Professor W. Steen, Pounds 175,847 from EPSRC (innovative manufacturing initiative in tooling advances by laminate engineering); Professor W. Stirling, Pounds 63,454 from EPSRC (X-ray magnetic and high resolution diffraction UK collaboration research group); Dr G. Wolff, Pounds 136,340 from Natural Environment Research Council (high-resolution temporal and spatial study of benthic biology and geochemistry of a north-eastern Atlantic abyssal locality - Bengal).

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ENGLAND Paul Waddington, Pounds 34,000 from the Department of Health (project on learning network: locality-based joint commissioning and primary care provision in selected Midlands sites).

UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH Research contracts Dr M. Gilpin, Pounds 163,676 from the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (development of PCR-based detection systems for renibacterium salmoninarium for use in diagnostic and epizootiological studies of BDK); Professor P. Worsfold, Pounds 69,475 from Department of Trade and Industry and Chelsea Instruments (design of an in situ nutrient sensor for incorporation in a benthic in situ carousel).

Teaching company programmes Professor P. Brooks, Pounds 80,120 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Abbey Vale Bakeries Ltd; Drs S. Grove, R. Burns and Messrs. E. Mingo and M. Munson, Pounds 162,240 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Pendennis Shipyard; Mr T. Mangles, Pounds 160,240 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Eltek Semiconductors Ltd; Mr P. Robinson, Drs R. Burns, B. Cooper and Mr J. Barlow, Pounds 80,120 from the Teaching Company Directorate and Naples Coombe Ltd.

Research grants Dr G. Matthews, Pounds 119,500 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, plus Pounds 20,500 from industry, (measurement and 3D modelling of the void space geometry and pore-level properties of porous materials).

LANCASTER UNIVERSITY Charities Drs R. Ivanic and A. McEnery, Pounds 55,850 from the Leverhulme Trust (multimedia corpus-based study of children's writing).

Research contracts Professor W. Shepherd, Pounds 32,657 from British Telecommunications plc (a multimedia network service for teaching and research); Professor P. Diggle, Pounds 80,000 from the NHS Executive North West (medical statistics); Mr D. Passey, Pounds 57,710 from the National Council for Educational Technology (superhighways for education).

Research grants Professor J. Taylor, Drs S. Bradley and R. Crouchley, Pounds 29,356 from the Economic and Social Research Council (testing for quasi-market forces in secondary education); Dr A. Payton, Pounds 57,400 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (electromagnetic tomography for non contact imaging); Professor W. Davison and Dr J. Hamilton-Taylor, Pounds 148,288 from the Natural Environment Research Council (particle to pore water fluxes and mobilities of metals in undisturbed freshwater sediments using DGT); Professor W. Davison, Pounds 50,560 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (development of new in situ procedures for quantitatively measuring available elements in soils); Dr R. Henderson, Pounds 109,078 from EPSRC (calibration and control of nuclear accountancy systems for safeguard purposes); Drs S. Rimmer, J. Ebdon, N. Fullwood and H. Pollock, Pounds 141,565 from EPSRC (synthesis of hydrophobic and hydrophilic oligomers and their use as components of polymer networks).

European funds Dr N. Paul, Pounds 176,047 from the European Commission (effects of UV-B on sensitive European ecosystems); Professor B. Wynne and Dr S. Shackley, Pounds 152,000 from the commission (urban lifestyles, sustainability and integrated environmental assessment).

to be continued

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