November 14, 1997

The Universitiy of Liverpool. Charities

Professor J. Crampton, Pounds 33,380 from Wellcome Trust (model system to evaluate the concept of delivering protective immunogenic proteins by haemotophagus insects); Dr I. Edwards, Pounds 32,912 from Wellcome Trust (analysis of artemisinin and its derivatives in biological fluids); Professors D. Eisner and S. Wray, Pounds 129,859 from British Heart Foundation (control of portal vascular smooth muscle: effects of intracellular pH); Drs D. Fernig and B. Barraclough, Pounds 59,160 from Leverhulme Trust (identification of heparan sulphate binding site in basic FGF); Dr J. Field, Pounds 108,752 from Roy Castle CHF (epidemiological assessment of high risk individuals with lung cancer in the Mersey region); Professor P. Friedmann, M. Jackson and Dr L. Rhodes, Pounds 60,000 from World Cancer Research Fund (protection against UV-induced skin cancer by dietary fish oils); Professor D. Hamilton and Dr N. Beattie, Pounds 75,000 from Comino Foundation (Comino GRASP centre); Professor S. Frostick, Pounds ,843 from Royal College of Surgeons (orthopaedics and trauma); Dr R. Harrison and Professor A. Bianco, Pounds 106,141 from Edna McConnell Clark Foundation USA (nucleic acid immunisation as an aid to antigen selection and presentation in the development of a vaccine for onchocerciasis); Professor A. Jones, Pounds 24,500 from NWCRF (P53 expression and the prognosis of head and neck squamous carcinoma treated by irradiation); Professor S. Leinster, Pounds 34,221 from Royal College of Surgeons (liver metastases treatment by CB1954/CEA-BETA-nitroreductase using viral vectors) and Pounds 32,669 from RCS (regulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis in pancreatic cancer)

Dr A. McLennan, Pounds 87,150 from Leverhulme Trust (identification and characterisation of eukaryotic MutT sequence motif proteins); Professor M. Molyneux and Dr P. Winstanley, Pounds 222,4 from Wellcome Trust (the cellular basis of susceptibility to streptococcus pneumonia in HIV infected Malawian adults); Professors M. Orme, M. Molyneux and Dr P. Winstanley, Pounds 117,871 from Wellcome Trust (centre for research in clinical tropical medicine); Dr S. Pennington, Pounds 33,018 from NWCRF (modulation of growth factor signal transduction pathways and G1 progression by cell-substratum interaction); Professor P. Rudland, Pounds 57,838 from NWCRF (characterisation of the major differentiated cell types generated by stem cell lines from benign breast disease); Professor T. Schulz, Mr G. Simpson and Ms P. Cook, Pounds 40,142 from Cancer Research Campaign (the role of latent HHV8 genes in the pathogenesis of Kaposi's sarcoma); Dr R. Theakston and Professor J. Crampton Pounds 66,559 from Wellcome Trust (structure/function analysis of the neurotoxins from the Armed spider, Phoneutria nigriventer); Professor P. Twin, Pounds 153,028 from Royal Society (X-ray diffraction studies of highly condensed matter); Dr S. Ward, Pounds 22,257 from Wellcome Trust (admin. costs associated with laboratories in Nairobi, Kenya); Dr D. West, Pounds 32,677 from NWCRF (Sialyl Lewis and its analogues: their role in the control of tumourangiogenesis); Professors G. Williams, R. Edwards and D. Wilkinson, Pounds 155,581 from Linbury Trust (investigation of treatment of circadian rhythm disorders in chronic fatigue syndrome); Professor S. Wray, Pounds 39,392 from Wellcome Trust (investigation of Ca2+ transporters and stores in the smooth muscle of the uterus and ureter); Professor R. Burgoyne, Pounds 359,180 (prize studentships in cellular and molecular physiology) and Pounds 65,197, both from Wellcome Trust (functional study of proteins in Ca2+-regulated exocytosis using patch-clamp capacitance measurement); Professor A. Breckenridge, Pounds 11,053 from Wellcome Trust (laboratory refurbishment); Professor P. Cobbold, Pounds 95,124 from Wellcome Trust (study of single cell signalling); Professor R. Edwards, Pounds 60,618 from Muscular Dystrophy Group of GB and NI (treatment research programme)

Drs C. Herrington, I McDicken and Professor C. Gosden, Pounds 50,933 from Wellbeing (karyotypic analysis of cervical neoplasia: chromosome aberrations and human papillomavirus infection); Professor M. Molyneux, Pounds 301,299 from Wellcome Trust (plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1: analysis of gene transcription and protein expression in parasitised erythrocytes from Malawian children); Professor H. Rees and Dr P. Turner, Pounds 73,180 from Leverhulme Trust (novel regulatory moulting hormone-activating enzyme in insect pests); Professor T. Schulz, Pounds 60,989 from Leukaemia Research Fund (functional domains and antigenic regions in the HTLV-1 envelope protein); Drs R. Smyth and D. Ashby and Professor C. Hart, Pounds 66,848 from Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (pathophysiology of respiratory syncytial virus in infancy: study of disease severity, strain variation and cytokine production); Professor A. Trees, World Health Organisation, Switzerland (onchocerca ochengi infections in cattle as a macrofilaricidal drug screen); Professor B. Wood, Pounds 53,728 (ecological context for hominid forelimb form and function) and Pounds 88,917 from the Wellcome Trust (early hominid homoplasy: identification and implications); Dr L. Brabin, Pounds 87,057 from John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation, USA (young persons' health and development programme, Nigeria); Dr B. Campbell, Pounds 62,895 from National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (analysis of mucin sulphotransferase in inflammatory bowel disease and the normal non-inflamed colon); Dr S. Coker, Pounds 77,317 from British Heart Foundation (influence of progestogens on platelet aggregation and arrhythmias associated with acute myocardial ischaemia); Dr R. Dimaline, Pounds 246,438 from Wellcome Trust (physiological regulation of expression of the L-Histidine decarboxylase gene); Professor D. Eisner, Pounds 129,208 from British Heart Foundation (does regulation of the sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca release process produce a maintained effect on cardiac contraction); Dr R. Griffiths, Pounds 74,878 from Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Switzerland (rehabilitation of patients recovering from a severe illness)

to be continued

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