November 7, 1997

The University of Liverpool


Professor G. Edwards and Mr C. Proudman, Pounds 66,000 from Home of Rest for Horses (residency in equine gastroenterology); Professor D. Eisner, Pounds 53,908 from the Wellcome Trust (role of the sarcolemmal Ca-ATPase in the control of intracellular calcium in the heart); Dr J. Field, Pounds 102,464 from Roy Castle Cause for Hope Foundation (molecular and morphological assessment of individuals with a high risk of developing lung cancer); Professor K. Luker, Pounds 601,924 from Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund (Macmillan practice development unit); Dr G. MacHo, Pounds 103,810 from Leverhulme Trust (palaeoecological reconstruction of the Plio-Pleistocene by analysing dental microstructure in mammals); Professor M. Molyneux, Pounds 168,477 from Wellcome Trust (mechanisms and patterns of endemic falciparum malaria);

Dr A. Moore, Pounds 88,972 from Action Research (treatment of leg spasticity in cerebral palsy with botulinium toxin A); Professor B. Park, Pounds 53,908 from Wellcome Trust (metabolism of organic endoperoxides: relevance to antimalarial action); Dr H. Power, Pounds 115,089 from Wellcome Trust (the postwar pharmaceutical revolution and the third World 1945-85); Drs J. Youngson and J. Field, Pounds 52,034 from Roy Castle CHF (descriptive and analytical epidemiology of lung cancer); Professors D. Back and A. Breckenridge, Pounds 32,370 from - Aids Education and Research Trust (therapeutic intervention in HIV infection); Dr R. Barraclough and Professor P. Rudland, Pounds 95,717 from Association for International Cancer Research (evaluation of a transcription-factor-dependent pathway towards metastasis of breast cancer cells as a possible target for therapeutic intervention) and Pounds 29,000 from Medical Research Council (provision of a recombinant protein production facility for structure/function relationships); Professor R. Pentall and Mrs P. Powell, Pounds 64,285 from Linbury Trust (evaluation of different methods of challenging illness beliefs in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome); Mr A. Brown, Pounds 23,500 from Riverside Housing Association Ltd (millennium house); Professor P. Buckland, Pounds 39,659 from Wellcome Trust (the house of strident shadows:

The Irish asylum and its inmates 1851-91); Professor J. Cawley, Drs S. Griffiths and A. Pettitt, Pounds 205,308 from Leukaemia Research Fund (chronic lymphoproliferative disorders: the control of the migration, tissue localisation and survival of malignant B cells); Dr S. Christmas, Pounds 58,358 from North West Cancer Research Fund (interaction of T lymphocytes with chronic myeloid leukaemia cells); Professor R. Cooke, Pounds 220,002 from Children Nationwide Medical Research Fund (what causes poor school performance in children born very preterm); Drs R. Crompton and M. Gunther, Pounds 76,650 from Leverhulme Trust (arboreal origins of hominid bipedalism); Mrs C. De Koning, Pounds 82,148 and Pounds 37,024 from the Ford Foundation USA (development of women-centred healthcare provision to address women's reproductive and sexual health needs within the Bombay municipal corporation); Dr J. Field, Pounds 107,090 (early molecular events in the pathogenesis of lung cancer) and Pounds 239,552 (molecular pathogenesis of lung cancer) both from the Roy Castle CHF and Pounds 35,483 from North West Cancer Research Fund (isolation and identification of the gene responsible for oesophagal cancer in two large pedigrees with non-epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma, NEPPK or tylosis) AMD Pounds 32,434 from NWCRF (isolation and identification of novel tumour suppressor gene involved in Barrett's oesophagal cancer) and with Professors C. Gosden and J. Crampton, Pounds 79,142 from the Royal Castle CHF (the role-transposable elements in the pathogenesis of lung cancer);

Dr J. Gallagher, Pounds 30,779 from NWCRF (investigation of extracellular nucleotides synergise with growth factors to stimulate gene expression, cell proliferation and neoplastic progression); Drs R. Gaskell, S. Dawson and Professor C. Hart, Pounds 29,050 from Pet Plan Charitable Trust (study on mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bordetella bronchiseptica isolates from dogs); Professors C. Hart and R. Cooke, Pounds 85,731 from National Meningitis Trust (neurodevelopmental follow-up study of a cohort of children with meningococcal disease recruited between November 1988 and July 1990); Drs G. Humphris, E. Vaughan and Mr J. Brown, Pounds 52,199 from Cancer Research Campaign (fear of recurrence in orofacial cancer patients: development and testing of a psychological intervention); Dr N. Jones, Pounds 67,085 from NWCRF (identification and molecular cloning of human DNA repair genes); Dr Y. Ke, Pounds 33,096 from NWCRF (isolation of possible tumour suppressor genes for human prostate cancer); Professor M. Lennon, Pounds 68,653 from Borrow Dental Milk Foundation (milk fluoridation project); Dr P. McLaughlin, Pounds 29,059 from NWCRF (regulation of novel lipophilic phospholipase C (1-PLC) and the complement regulatory protein CD55 in human neoplastic tissue); Dr A. McLennan, Pounds 40,536 from NWCR (biochemical function of the human FHIT, Ap3A hydrolase, a putative tumour suppressor); Professor M. Molyneux, Pounds 65,531 from Wellcome Trust (mechanisms and patterns of endemic falciparum malaria); Dr D. Moss, Pounds 117,649 from Wellcome Trust (use of recombinant proteins to investigate the function of GP55 - family of proteins which inhibit neurite outgrowth); Dr S. O'Neill, Pounds 148,092 from British Heart Foundation (role of the Na/K ATPase in generating regional differences in sodium regulation in rabbit left ventricle); Dr M. Pirmohamed, Pounds 86,028 from Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust (development of a clinical and molecular approach to the safer use of anticonvulsants); Professor J. Rhodes, Pounds 34,129 from Wellcome Trust (screening foodstuffs for agglutinins);

Dr N. Roberts, Professor G. Whitehouse and Mr P. Eldridge, Pounds 37,981 from Cancer and Polio Research Fund Ltd (serial MR tissue characterisation of high-grade gliomas); Professors P. Rudland, H. Warenius and Dr R. Barraclough, Pounds 94,934 from Cancer and Polio Research Fund Ltd (relationship of metastasis-inducing human DNAs and their effector osteopontin with human cancers); Professor S. Salmons and Dr J. Jarvis, Pounds 319,150 from British Heart Foundation (conditioned skeletal muscle ventricles for permanent cardiac assistance); Ms C. Sherratt, Pounds 105,000 from R. A. Pilkington Employees' Trust (age-to-age learning project); Professors A. Trees and A. Bianco, Pounds 60,049 from Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, US (evaluation of a cattle model as a screening system for a vaccine against onchocerciasis); Dr W. Ward, Pounds 75,000 from Perry Foundation (studies on the causes of fatty liver in cattle); Dr S. Ward and Professor B. Park, Pounds 146,140 from Leverhulme Trust (4-Aminoquinoline antimalarials: the molecular and cellular basis of action); Professor G. Williams, Pounds 35,589 from NWCRF (role of neuropeptide Y in cancer cachexia in mice); Professor S. Wray, Pounds 159,404 from Wellcome Trust (study of metabolism and its role in contraction and Ca2+ homeostatis in the uterus); Drs J. Youngson and J. Field, Pounds 198,4 from Roy Castle CHF (epidemiology amd molecular oncology of lung cancer, IT strategy); Professor P. Ainsworth and C. Allmand, Pounds 135,152 from British Academy (new edition of Book III of Jean Froissart's Chronicles, First Recension and of the Chr. de Flandre); Dr R. Barraclough and Professor P. Rudland, Pounds 34,882 from Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust (genetic changes in a transgenic mouse model of human breast cancer); Professor A. Bianco, Pounds 322,466 from Welcome Trust (pro-inflammatory responses in the pathogenesis of lymphatic filariasis) and Pounds 53,908 from Wellcome Trust (characterisation of secretory products from the infective stage of larvae of filarial nematodes);

Professor A. Breckenridge, Pounds 44,329 from Wellcome Trust (pharmacokinetics of antimalarial drugs); Drs J. Carron and J. Gallagher, Pounds 119,528 from Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (investigation of the role of thrombospondin-1 and related molecules in promotion of bone resorption by osteoclasts); Professor J. Cawley, Pounds 49,339 from NWCRF (identification of acquired genetic defects in a sub-group of Myelodysplastic syndrome patients); Professor D. Chadwick, Pounds 24,711 from Walton Centre for Neurology NHS Trust (research fellowship); Dr S. Coker, Pounds 107,330 from British Heart Foundation (mechanisms contributing to arrhythmias associated with the acquired long QT syndrome); Drs J. Carron and J. Gallagher, Pounds 119,528 from Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (investigation of the role of thrombospondin-1 and related molecules in promotion of bone resorption by osteoclasts);

to be continued

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