Laurie Taylor Column

October 3, 2003

" One-third of education workers agreed that 'overwork leaves me too tired for sex' ."
THES , September 26

That was lovely, darling. Quite blissful. Thank you.

Right. Well, time now for some shut-eye. Departmental meeting at nine.

Darling, I know how difficult it is for you to make love when you have so much stress at work.

That's all right. Shall we try to get some sleep now?

And I know you have so much work to do that you have to bring it home with you.

Let's both turn over now.

And I've never said a word about how that often means that you have to bring some to bed.

Goodnight now.

And I do realise that I shouldn't nag you when you aren't like all those people in that survey who've stopped making love because they're so tied up with work. But, darling, there is just one teeny thing. Next time we do it, could you try to forget your boring old work for just a little longer?

Turn over now.

Long enough to tell me that you enjoyed making love as much as I did. Darling, can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you. And you're quite wrong. Completely wrong. I did say that you were fine. More than fine, in fact.

No, darling, you didn't say that I was fine or even more than fine. You said that I was B brackets double plus. Somehow it's not quite the same thing.



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