Contract contretemps 2

May 7, 2004

Roderick Floud is mistaken in believing that staff of the former London Guildhall merely fear unreasonable management from London Met. The letters threatening dismissal if they refuse to move to a worse contract are real and can only lead to stress.

Assurances that their conditions would not worsen have been shown to be worthless. LGU staff were conned. The contract that the management wants to impose would be unacceptable anywhere in the private sector. It is ironic that Floud, an economic historian, embraces an industrial relations model that no longer works in industry.

The agenda of Floud and vice-chancellor Brian Roper can only lead to the destruction of the university. Their attempt to bully staff into accepting what has been described as "a contract from hell" can only result in a cowed, demoralised workforce.

Pat Brady
Senior lecturer (retired)
London Metropolitan University

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