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How to navigate and get involved with the new student section, featuring university rankings, student news, blog posts and expert advice.

September 22 2015
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Welcome to THE Student

From now, you’re getting even more than you bargained for at Times Higher Education – in a good way, of course.

For 12 years we’ve given you rankings, data and table upon table for you to use in one of the most important decisions of your life: which university to choose.

But we want to make that decision process even smoother for you, by guiding you each step of the way and using our resources to help you to really understand all the options on offer and factors to consider.

On THE Student you can find advice, guides to universities, news and other decision-making tools to equip you for the next stage of your educational journey.

Here to help

Since we’re generous souls here at THE, we’re more than happy to do most of the work for you:

That’s just a sample of one section of what we’re doing. Don’t miss the news updates, which will keep you informed of all the relevant information throughout your decision process and university life in the future.

You can find more advice here, news stories hereand you can search for any university in our new directory here.

Coming soon

We’ve got many more tricks up our sleeves, from new university rankings based on factors that are the most relevant to you, to guides and advice written by experts and students who have been in your position.

We’ll have blogposts, competitions, and a range of multimedia resources available in the near future.

You the reader also have a big role to play in shaping THE Student. We’re not just generous, we’re also very flexible, and we want to make sure we’re providing exactly what you want.

So please send questions and requests for guides, articles or resources to the editor, Carly, using the contact details below.

Get in touch

We welcome all forms of communication, and we’re also looking for student bloggers from any country.

You can email Carly at, or contact us on Twitter or Facebook, where there will be a stream of advice and news always available


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