Tech solutions for the post-Covid campus

From chatbots to the metaverse, here’s how to capitalise on the technology that is transforming higher education

Tech solutions for the post-Covid campus spotlight

The crisis-response online and remote teaching in higher education during the pandemic laid the groundwork for a tech revolution – from hybrid learning to cybersecurity, virtual reality to data management. The transition to online teaching is one of the most visible effects but it’s just one example of technology disrupting traditional activities. With machine learning and the metaverse set to transform how universities share knowledge and conduct research still further, this collection of resources offers practical advice for campuses, no matter how far advanced in their digital transformation.

It may be time to rethink the ‘edtech adoption curve’

A new survey of higher ed faculty reveals more early adopters of edtech than previously thought, says Nicole Barbaro

Nicole Barbaro

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Remote laboratory
Students discuss class material on university campus