Teaching 101: advice for university educators

What key skills do teachers need to connect with students, develop professional confidence and thrive?

Teaching concept

Teaching is much more than standing in front of a lecture hall or leading a tutorial. University educators may devote a significant proportion of their time to teaching, but only a fraction of this will be spent in a classroom with students. Deciding teaching modes, planning course material, learning new edtech and doing research to refine tutorial questions and reading lists will all challenge academics taking their first steps as teachers. This collection of resources offers support for lecturers, from pedagogy and classroom management to building confidence and support networks, managing workload and finding inspiration to enrich your teaching practice.

Classroom management techniques you don’t get taught

‘Fake it till you make it’ is a useful motto for new university teachers facing a classroom of antsy students for the first time. Here are seven basic skills to master

John Weldon

Victoria University

Ants working together