Pedagogies to reinvigorate your teaching

Practices, methods and approaches to enrich teaching and improve learning outcomes

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Are you curious about using artificial intelligence (AI) as a feedback tool or applying universal design for learning in your classroom? As higher education moves towards more student-centred, hybrid and flexible modes of course design and delivery, effective pedagogy must lead the way. This collection of resources recognises that teaching is a process of refining and supplementing the methods and practices used in the classroom. Educators from around the globe explore the wealth of pedagogies available to university lecturers, offering advice based on their experience of tried-and-true and emerging teaching strategies.

Phenomenon-based learning: what, why and how

Phenomenon-based learning empowers students to apply disciplinary knowledge to real-world situations. Here, Sue Lee and Kate Cuthbert outline the principles of PhBL and how it can be adopted in higher education

Sue Lee, Kate Cuthbert

Staffordshire University

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