How to fail well

Advice to help faculty and staff reframe and harness failure as a useful aid to learning and development

Spotlight on failure in HE

Failure may not be something many of us enjoy, yet it is vital to learning and discovery. So, how can those working in universities normalise, even welcome, failure as a stepping stone to continued development, particularly when set against a backdrop of competition for enrolments, research funding, jobs and top grades? This collection of resources looks at how faculty and academics can harness failure to improve their own research and professional practices, what it takes to create a culture of innovation and exploration and how educators can reframe failure as an important tool for students to grow and deepen their knowledge.

Narrating failure in academia: how to turn trash into treasure

Instead of hiding from failure in shame and despair, and on the way to normalising it, we should learn how to better narrate it, says Lucas Lixinski

Lucas Lixinski

UNSW Sydney

Teacher presents to group of students