How to develop grit for the cold, hard world of higher education

Advice on confronting higher-education-specific challenges

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In a field where competition and pressure to succeed are high, developing strategies to help you survive (and thrive) is key. Whether you’re a researcher facing rigorous peer review, an educator developing a curriculum amid a rapidly evolving digital landscape, an outreach worker seeking novel ways to connect with students or any other professional working in a higher education context, this collection aims to help you hone the skills you need, improve your well-being and cultivate resilience in the face of a range of industry-specific challenges.

In the cold, unforgiving environment of higher education, embrace the promise of spring

Just as the seasons transition from cold, harsh winters to vibrant springs, educators can navigate the challenges of higher education and find moments of growth and inspiration. John Sinclair shows how

John Sinclair

Colorado State University Global

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