Eyes on the horizon: Innovations in providing higher education

A look at new models of higher education designed to meet changing student and societal needs

Advice on innovative new models of higher education provision

Universities are often accused of being sclerotic institutions, stuck in centuries old models of higher education delivery. But if the resources in this Spotlight tell you anything, it’s that these criticisms are no longer valid. Universities around the world recognise that demand for higher education is changing for both students and employers and are coming up with innovative responses. From microcredentials and flexible lifelong learning to new forms of experiential learning and innovative course design, this collection presents some of the brightest ideas in alternative delivery and credential models.

Covid as a catalyst: deepening lifelong learning

Miriam Green and Susanna Leong share key considerations for universities to develop effective lifelong learning programmes that will keep pace with the rapid changes across higher education

Miriam Jacqueline Green, Susanna HS Leong

National University of Singapore

Selecting tools to promote personalised teaching and to encourage more self-regulated learning online