Cybersecurity tips for protecting universities from online threats

Resources exploring how universities should prepare themselves and their employees for cyberattacks

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The average cyberattack on a university can take months to recover from and cost institutions millions. It is now more important than ever for modern universities to safeguard their online assets. But what does training for staff and students look like, and which measures can be put in place to minimise the impact of an attack when it does occur? From cybersecurity literacy to reflections from academics who have been in the eye of the storm, this collection provides resources on institutional resilience in the face of an ever-present, 21st-century threat.

How to prepare and protect your institution against a future cybersecurity attack

It’s not a matter of if your institution will be hit by a cyberattack but when. Adrian Ellison shares some key actions for universities to better prepare for the inevitable

Adrian Ellison

University of West London

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Students need to learn the basics of online security