Covid, two years on: what has higher education learned?

Advice and resources on the lasting lessons gleaned from 24 months of disruption and discovery

Two years into the pandemic, lessons learned for higher ed

As the year 2020 rolled into view, few of us could have predicted the impact of the nascent pandemic on both higher education and the world at large. The pivot online disrupted every corner of the sector, with students and staff alike having to adapt on the fly to a new way of doing things. From the importance of building trust and effective online course design to long-term changes to physical and digital estates, this collection offers up tips and thought on which elements of Covid-era HE are worth holding onto and how it has impacted the sector forever.

Leaders: how to build community and trust during a crisis

Charles Egbu, vice-chancellor of Leeds Trinity University, reflects on five key lessons he learned while taking the helm during the pandemic

Charles Egbu

Leeds Trinity University

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