The big picture: decolonising beyond the curriculum

How decolonisation can be applied and advanced across different areas of higher education


Decolonisation is a complex and nuanced process which, done properly, stands to challenge the very power structures upon which many universities have been built. The re-evaluation of what and how we teach and its entanglement with colonialism and race is just one part of a bigger picture. Sitting alongside it is a growing focus on Indigenisation in settler countries where the value of First Nation knowledge is increasingly recognised. A decolonial lens can be applied to every corner of higher education and brings powerful implications for driving equity, diversity and inclusion, social justice and climate change. This collection of resources examines decolonisation within and beyond the curriculum, looking at what, in practical terms, can be done to advance it.

Why is self-reflection core to decolonisation and anti-racism in the academy?

To move beyond rhetoric, hollow commitments and well-intentioned one-time efforts, we must hold ourselves accountable, says a team from Simon Fraser University

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