Expert Q&A: Engaging students online – every learner, everywhere

Patricia O’Sullivan, project coordinator of academic innovation at the University of Mississippi, offers insight on engaging students in the online environment

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University of Mississippi
5 Nov 2020
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Key Details

Get tips on engaging students online in this Q&A with academic innovation expert Patricia O’Sullivan, filmed as part of REMOTE, the connected faculty summit. The virtual event showcased the best practices, techniques, and tools for online teaching in higher education. If you’re in a rush, browse the timeline below for the key topics covered and where in the video to find them. 

01:28 Three top tips for engaging students in an online environment 

06:19 How do you keep learners engaged when there are a lot of people enrolled on the course? And when it is a hybrid course? 

11:24 How might a faculty member decide on the different elements of an online course - synchronous and asynchronous? 

15:01 How do you make your course equitable for students from different economic, academic, cultural backgrounds? 

23:27 Key tips for engaging students in large classes 


This video was produced by REMOTE, the connected faculty summit, hosted by Arizona State University 


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