Expert Q&A: Active learning – engage learners across modalities

Peter van Leusen, director of adaptive and personalised learning at Arizona State University answers questions on how to engage students when teaching across different modalities

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5 November 2020
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Key Details

Get advice on engaging students when teaching across different modalities online in this Q&A with adaptive and personalised learning expert Peter van Leusen, filmed as part of REMOTE, the connected faculty summit. The virtual event showcased best practice, techniques and tools for online teaching in higher education. If you’re in a rush, browse the timeline below for the key topics covered and where in the video to find them. 

05:14 Key tips for engaging learners across different modalities 

06:40 What is good teaching? 

09:13 How can educators translate active learning to an online setting? 

17:48 What can institutions do to collect student feedback on their active learning experiences across different modalities? 

22:20 How can institutions use the feedback to create more student centred and inclusive teaching practices to ensure the quality of education across all modalities? 

26:12 How can faculty be encouraged to tackle the “muddiest points” to improve teaching practices? 


This video was produced by REMOTE, the connected faculty summit, hosted by Arizona State University.    


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