Ask the experts: What faculty need to know when designing online courses

Find out what faculty need to know when moving their courses online in this Q&A with Kayla Jutzi, instructional designer at Tulane University

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Tulane University
17 Sep 2020
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Key Details

Get insight on what faculty need to know when designing their online teaching and learning in this Q&A with instructional designer Kayla Jutzi, filmed as part of REMOTE, the connected faculty summit. The virtual event showcased best practice, techniques and tools for digital teaching in higher education. If you’re in a rush, browse the timeline below for the key topics covered and where to find them in the video. 

01:35 What is the key thing faculty need to know when designing online and hybrid courses? 

02:58 What resources are available to help with course templates and online course design? 

04:44 How do you encourage faculty buy-in when implementing these best practices in digital learning? 

06:00 One habit you wish faculty always had and one you wish they would lose? 

08:08 Who are some of the other players on campus you bring in to work on course design and redesign alongside faculty? 

09:50 What other tools and resources are good value or free that institutions with limited in-house resource should consider? 

11:58 Advice on resources for institutions and instructional designers to access when designing courses? 

13:48 Advice and thoughts on discipline-specific course design 

15:17 How can different faculties work together to learn about best practice in course design? 

19:40 What are some of the best active learning practices specifically for online courses? 

20:45 What preliminary advice can you offer educators who are developing online courses for the first time? 

22:29 Advice on how best to approach student engagement and access to resources online 

25:02 What strategies can be used to encourage students to participate in activities in an online environment? 

27:45 Suggestions on best platforms for team presentations so each member can present individually then merge for the team presentation 


This video was produced by REMOTE, the connected faculty summit, hosted by Arizona State University 


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