Transform engagement: Interaction and online course design

Advice on designing online courses with lots of interactive elements to boost engagement from Michele Hampton, professor at Cuyahoga Community College

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Cuyahoga Community College
23 Oct 2020
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Key Details

Lack of student engagement is a common problem in digital learning. Here, Michele Hampton shares her expertise on how to design interactive online courses that keep students engaged throughout, filmed as part of REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit. The virtual event showcased the best practices, techniques and tools for online teaching in higher education. If you’re in a rush, browse the timeline below for the key topics covered and where in the video to find them. 

00:30 Introduction: the pros and cons of online learning 

01:08 How to tackle the potential lack of engagement in online learning by boosting “interaction” 

02:15 How to boost student-to-instructor interaction 

05:09 How to boost student-to-student interaction 

07:15 How to boost student-to-content interaction 

10:29 Why use an avatar instead of recording yourself? 

12:31 How can we get students to work together in a virtual format? 

14:03 What is meant by adaptive courseware? 

15:07 Do interactive designs and tools work only with asynchronous learning? 

15:48 Examples of software or platforms that operate as adaptive courseware 

16:36 Is adaptive courseware appropriate for graduate students? 

17:12 How can we replicate synchronous group work in which the instructor can identify when students within the group need help in an online setting? 

18:00 Suggestions for tools for students with special needs 

19:02 Suggestions for students who are reliant on mobile phones to access online classes and material 

20:38 How are you dealing with meaningful graded assessment in online classes? 

21:38 What strategies have you used to strengthen students' commitment to the asynchronistic classes? 

22:33 Tips for keeping online courses organised 

23:54 How do you manage academic integrity issues when teaching and assessing online? 

25:11 How can you prioritise the different teaching methods and platforms when starting out? 


This video was produced by REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit, hosted by Arizona State University


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