Being Black in the academy

Navigating higher education as a racial minority can be fraught, but for Black men and women, often the least represented minority group in an institution, the academy can be especially isolating and unwelcoming. Students, staff and academics at every career level report suffering impostor syndrome, have seen their careers stalled by conscious or unconscious bias and are often overburdened with unpaid labour on EDI initiatives. This collection of Campus resources and views provides actions that can be taken to improve diversity and belonging for Black staff and students, advice for Black academics on navigating the career ladder, tips for creating an anti-racist university and more.

Black female academic at desk

Leaving a legacy as a Black female leader in higher education

Women of colour can leave a legacy that endures far beyond their tenures, writes Menah Pratt. Here, she shares her experience with racism and sexism and describes actions that leave a mark on institutions and students and defy under-representation

Menah Pratt

Virginia Tech