Engineering round-up

November 3, 2011

Numerical Methods for Engineering: An Introduction Using MATLAB and Computational Electromagnetics Examples

Author: Karl F. Warnick

Edition: First

Publisher: SciTech

Pages: 300

Price: £71.50

ISBN 9781891121999

Pitched at a level suitable for undergraduate engineering students but useful for senior and beginning postgraduate levels, this textbook aims to show how to create computer codes used to engineer antennas, microwave circuits and other critical technologies for wireless communications and other applications of electromagnetic fields and waves. Worked code examples are given for MATLAB technical computing software.

Systems Engineering: Principles and Practice

Authors: Alexander Kossiakoff, William N. Sweet, Samuel J. Seymour and Steven M. Biemer

Edition: Second

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Pages: 560

Price: £80.50 and £96.60 (e-book)

ISBN 9780470405482 and 9781118001011

Aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, this textbook is intended as an introduction to the development and acquisition of complex technical systems. Still developing as a discipline, systems engineering has seen new concepts and practices enter the field since the first edition was published in 2003. The second edition is intended to offer expansion, integration and clarification to maintain relevance and currency.

Elements of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Author: John D. Ramshaw

Edition: First

Publisher: World Scientific/Imperial College Press

Pages: 140

Price: £43.00 and £20.00

ISBN 9781848166950 and 7056

John Ramshaw presents a brief introduction to the fundamental concepts of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that is intended to be suitable for self-study. He describes the principal analytical tools required, including truncation-error and stability analyses, followed by the basic elements and building blocks of CFD, which are numerical methods for treating sources, diffusion, convection and pressure waves.

Fundamentals of Sensors for Engineering and Science

Author: Patrick F. Dunn

Edition: First

Publisher: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis

Pages: 110

Price: £31.99

ISBN 9781439861035

A practical analysis of sensors and measurement that is designed to help readers make informed decisions when selecting an appropriate sensor for a given application. Inspired by a growing demand for information on the evolution of modern sensors, this book evaluates current applications to illustrate their range of uses, as well as the many ways they can be classified.

Acoustics and Noise Control

Authors: R.J. Peters, B.J. Smith and Margaret Hollins

Edition: Third

Publisher: Pearson Education

Pages: 400

Price: £49.99

ISBN 97803724681

The third edition of this comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of acoustics and noise control incorporates the many changes and additions to standards, laws, regulations and codes of practice relating to noise. It also updates noise measurement techniques and noise-control technology.

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