Andy Furlong 1956-2017

An internationally renowned sociologist of youth has died

Author Monica Ali, University of Surrey

The acclaimed novelist and distinguished writer-in-residence at the University of Surrey talks about teaching, researching her novels and why she skipped all her lectures

Sir Lenny Henry

Birmingham City University’s new chancellor talks about his experiences as a mature student, how education is a right, and why the British public rock

A leading authority on international trade negotiations has died

Julie Mennell vice-chancellor of the University of Cumbria

We talk about the social responsibilities of universities, crime scene investigation and attracting talent to the North East of England with the vice-chancellor of the University of Cumbria

Carl Weber

A theatre director who worked as an assistant to Bertolt Brecht before becoming professor of drama at Stanford University has died

Ian Stewart

We talk about mathematical misconceptions, public engagement and lecturing with tigers with the recent winner of the Euler Book Prize


A researcher who transformed our understanding of how people experience and relate to information has died

Angela Medvedeva

The psychologist who signed up for a PhD aged 17 talks about proving her teachers wrong, keeping an open mind, and the biggest misconception about psychology

Joyce Appleby

A leading authority on early American history has died

Jonathan Holloway

We talk student protests, forgotten heroes and lessons from history with Northwestern University’s next provost

A leading exploration geologist has died

Katherine Grainger, chancellor of Oxford Brookes University

The Olympian and chancellor of Oxford Brookes University talks about camaraderie between athletes, competition in the HE sector, and how her academic and athletic careers have complemented each other

Charles Stein

A statistician of genius who was also a committed political activist has died

Actor Jeremy Irons, Bath Spa University

We talk to the new chancellor of Bath Spa University about censorship, Brideshead Revisited and why campuses should be a place for outrage

Obituary: Ian Bryden, 1958-2016

A leading researcher in the field of renewable energy has died

Stella Bruzzi, University College London (UCL)

The incoming dean of arts and humanities at UCL speaks about tuition fees, snobbery in film studies and making Margaret Thatcher likeable

Obituary: Gary Slapper 1958-2016

A leading expert on corporate crime and social responsibility, who also wrote extensively about the funny side of the law, has died

Renaud Dehousse, European University Institute (EUI), Sciences Po, Paris

We talk with the new president of the European University Institute about the politicisation of British universities, being a European citizen (whether you like it or not) and having no regrets

Obituary: Yu-kung Kao, 1929-2016

A leading scholar who brought his deep knowledge of Chinese literature with him to the US – and then back to China and Taiwan – has died