Nicole Prause

We talk to the neuroscientist and sex researcher about prudish attitudes, personal threats and what goes on in a sex research lab

Dame Sue Black

The leading forensic anthropologist discusses her Presbyterian work ethic, remaining detached in the face of human suffering, and unhelpful advice from a PhD supervisor

Allan Mills

Planetary scientist whose sculptures can be found across the University of Leicester’s campus is remembered

Hubert Dreyfus

Long-serving Berkeley philosopher and critic of artificial intelligence remembered

Wolfram Schultz
Wolfram Schultz, eminent neuroscientist, on proving sceptics wrong, the value of working in different countries and the comfort of beer
Shirley Tate

We discuss realising what it means to be black in the UK, dealing with insomnia, and institutional racism in the academy, with the renowned race and black identity scholar

Kozo Yamamura

Economic historian and novelist who survived dramatic childhood remembered

Baroness Ashton of Upholland

The former leader of the House of Lords talks inequality, widening access to higher education and keeping on top of technology

Rowan Williams

The former Archbishop of Canterbury discusses religious leaders’ obligation to promote equality, the challenges of meeting controversial heads of state, and concerns about the growth of populism

Marilyn McCord Adams

First female Regius professor of divinity at the University of Oxford remembered

Derrick Ball

Academic whose expertise spanned economics and chemistry remembered

Joanna Read

The noted theatre director talks about dispelling drama school preconceptions, reducing tuition fees and negotiating with local gangs

David Garel Rhys

Expert who advised policymakers on the automotive industry remembered

Onora O'Neill, Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve

The eminent philosopher talks of academics’ vanity, the place of philosophy in a ‘post-truth’ world and her reservations about the TEF

John Felstiner

Long-serving Stanford University scholar remembered

Alexander Wedderburn

Former president of the British Psychological Society remembered

Zandra Rhodes

The fashion designer talks about treating a university education like a nine-to-five job, the importance of student interaction and defying graduation clothing convention

Gordon Reece, 1940-2017

Bristol-based expert in real-world applications of computer systems remembered

Chris Morgan, University of Dundee

The comics researcher discusses ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree accusations, lessons on wartime alliances and the perils of eating cheese before bedtime

Carol Fitz-Gibbon

An innovative educationalist who worked on both sides of the Atlantic is remembered.