Obituary: Alison Winter, 1965-2016

An ‘infectiously brilliant’ intellectual historian has died

Nathalie Coste-Cerdan, La Fémis, PSL Research University

We talk widening participation, gender discrimination in film, and wishing on shooting stars with the French former film executive

Obituary: Jack Meadows, 1934-2016

The founder of the University of Leicester’s astronomy department, who had a minor planet named in his honour, has died

Dame Nancy Rothwell, University of Manchester, British Science Association

We talk tuberculosis, tough decisions and pancake races with the Manchester vice-chancellor

Obituary: Ursula Franklin, 1921-2016

A leading physicist, activist and author has died

Philip Carter, Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London

We talk to the digital publishing specialist about bringing historical figures to life, including the founder of the Pearly Kings and Queens, and how to eat lychees

Obituary: Stanley Mandelstam, 1928-2016

An academic described as a ‘giant in theoretical physics’ has died

Dick Hobbs, University of Essex

We talk gangsters, London crime and dodging punches with the noted ethnographer

Obituary: Seymour Roworth-Stokes, 1965-2016

An acclaimed designer who became an academic leader has died

Philip Moriarty, University of Nottingham

We talk about the impenetrability of physics, the problem with Psi and “corporate uni bollocks”

Obituary: Leslie Jesch, 1926-2016

A leading authority on the application of solar energy has died

Jean-Claude Worms, European Science Foundation (ESF)

We talk Brexit, astronaut aspirations and the difficulties of surfing in a landlocked region

Obituary: Beverly Griffin, 1930-2016

A pioneering researcher into the viruses that can cause cancer has died

Tong Sun, City University London

We talk with the Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Award winner about impactful research, encouraging young women into science and how engineering is not just about an oily rag and a spanner

Mike Tipping, University of Bath, Featurespace

We talk robots, impact and goal-scoring abilities with the University of Bath’s new data scientist

Obituary: Gillett Griffin, 1928-2016

A leading curator of ancient American art has died

Obituary: Annette Cashmore, 1958-2016

A leading authority on genetics and genetics education has died

Amina Memon, Royal Holloway, University of London, Leadership Academy for Asian Women

We talk to the psychology professor about diversity in higher education, academics’ civic engagement, and mindfulness

Obituary: Michael Feige, 1957-2016

A sociologist and anthropologist who investigated some of the most challenging aspects of Israeli society has died

Jack Anderson, Queen's University Belfast, International Sports Law Journal

We talk match-fixing, sporting scandal and irritating acronyms with a sports law academic

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