Chris Day, Newcastle University

We talk about growing up in the North East of England, alcohol consumption advice and international cricket aspirations with Newcastle University's new head

Obituary: Henry Thomas James, 1915-2016

A highly innovative former dean of the Stanford School of Education has died

Obituary: Peter Wright, 1941-2016

A sociologist who helped to forge new qualifications and quality assurance regimes has died

Charles Foster, University of Oxford

Would you prefer to live as a badger, an otter, a swift, an urban fox or a deer? We speak to the academic who did all five

Obituary: Theodore Anderson, 1918-2016

A leading mathematical statistician whose work anticipated the age of ‘big data’ has died

Jenny Higham, St George’s, University of London

We talk doctor supply, the importance of medical research and impostor syndrome with the new Medical Schools Council chair

Obituary: Jim Port, 1948-2016

A management consultant whose many studies of the sector gained him an OBE in higher education has died

Benoît Peeters, Lancaster University

We speak to Hergé biographer Benoît Peeters about the growing acceptance of graphic novels as a serious literary genre, the rich history of francophone comics and his favourite Tintin books

Obituary: Dorothy Jones, 1930-2016

A microbiologist who revolutionised the classification of bacteria has died

Bertil Andersson, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

We speak to the head of Nanyang Technological University about the rise of Asia, what it’s like being a European leading a Singaporean institution, and barbecue chicken

Melissa Fleming

Melissa Fleming, spokesperson and head of communications and public information for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, discusses the vital nature of her work

Liam Sinclair, University of St Andrews

We talk civic engagement and the dream of all academic subjects incorporating the arts with St Andrews' new theatre chief

Obituary: Simon Newell, 1956-2016

Neonatal consultant was an ‘inspirational and gifted teacher’ at the University of Leeds

Laura Howard, European Association for International Education (EAIE)

The president of the EAIE, on her life-changing semesters abroad as a student, the benefits of internationalisation, and overcoming barriers to student mobility

Obituary: Claire Sponsler, 1954-2016

A leading American medievalist has died

Leighton Andrews, Cardiff University business school

We talk government-university relationships, protecting Welsh students’ finances and the highs and lows of supporting Cardiff City FC, with the former politician

Kate Rigby, Bath Spa University

We talk Australian wildfires, the emerging field of environmental humanities and rock musician aspirations with Bath Spa’s new interdisciplinary professor

Obituary: John Barnes, 1933-2016

A prominent advocate for engineering and education in the subject has died

Obituary: Alison Winter, 1965-2016

An ‘infectiously brilliant’ intellectual historian has died

Nathalie Coste-Cerdan, La Fémis, PSL Research University

We talk widening participation, gender discrimination in film, and wishing on shooting stars with the French former film executive