Obituary: Stan Gregory, 1926-2016

A geographer who radically reformed the discipline has died

Clare Summerskill

We talk LGBT awareness, verbatim theatre and imaginary friends with the performer turned doctoral student

Obituary: Patrick O’Donnell, 1947-2016

A ‘legendary’ lecturer in psychology has died

Lord William Waldegrave, University of Reading

The former Cabinet minister on listening to jazz pianist Art Tatum, ambitions to be Stirling Moss, and how we shouldn’t view all politicians as crooks

Obituary: Howard Shugart, 1931-2016

A leading physics educator has died

Alan Finnegan, University of Chester

We talk tours of duty, support for veterans and the travails of following Aston Villa with Chester’s new nursing professor

Obituary: John Urry, 1946-2016

A highly influential and wide-ranging sociologist has died

Paul McGinley, London Business School Leadership Institute

We talk to the professional golfer about leadership and the possibility of swapping golf clubs for research after retirement

Obituary: Chris McGuigan, 1958-2016

A skilful and charismatic ‘drug hunter’ has died

Tanya Krzywinska, Falmouth University

We talk to the digital games professor about the perception of games in the academy

Obituary: Ray Millward, 1917-2016

A leading authority on the British landscape has died

Mark Beaumont, University of Dundee

We talk to the long-distance cyclist and documentary-maker about swapping pedals for academic robes

Luke Beardon, Sheffield Hallam University

We talk to the Sheffield Hallam autism expert about societal prejudices, the focus on research impact and a rugby career curtailed

Obituary: Doreen Massey, 1944-2016

One of the leading radical geographers of her generation has died

Obituary: Paul Webley, 1953-2016

A leading economic psychologist who led [!Soas, University of London!] for almost a decade has died

Sunny Singh, London Metropolitan University

We discuss discrimination in UK publishing, how universities misunderstand creative writing, and the benefits of arguing with lecturers

Obituary: Elizabeth Eisenstein, 1923-2016

A historian who transformed our understanding of the origins of ‘print culture’ has died

Victoria Kaspi, McGill University Space Institute

McGill’s leading astrophysicist talks fundamental science research, academic gender imbalances and amateur dramatics as a parent

Obituary: Sir Christopher Zeeman, 1925-2016

A renowned topologist who established the University of Warwick’s Mathematical Institute as a major centre has died

Obituary: Alan Clarke, 1963-2015

A cancer researcher who greatly enriched our understanding of the processes of tumour formation has died