Douglas Strachan

Policeman-turned-economist who spent a decade in Africa remembered

Alison Johns

The chief executive-designate of the UK’s new sector agency discusses her West Country roots, the roles of academics and administrators, and escaping to the country 

Andrew Chadwick

Digital media democracy expert on tension between control and engagement, and need for less interesting research in his field

Christian Edwards

The ex-footballer explains why his PhD means more than his Wales cap, and how his Cardiff Met team reached the verge of Europe

Robert Ferguson

Academic whose writing fused law and literature remembered

S. Allen Counter

A neuroscientist and explorer who became ‘a great champion of inclusion and belonging’ has died

Sir Alan Wilson

The chief executive of the Alan Turing Institute discusses his career in higher education, making the case for the humanities, and the nascence of the Russell Group

Marian Cleeves Diamond

Pioneering neuroscientist who analysed the brain of Albert Einstein remembered

Cordelia Fine

The academic psychologist talks testosterone, gender and the joy of being paid to read and write

Stephen Milner

The Italian scholar discusses how Machiavelli might have appraised current politics, the benefits of birdwatching and discovering Stevie Wonder

Anthony Evans

Creator of Leicester’s courses in applied geology remembered

Stephen Hopgood

We talk internationalisation in the face of Brexit, as well as the “alien” concept of fun for academics, with the international relations professor

Isabelle Clark-Deces

A leading anthropologist has died in a fall on a study trip in the Indian Himalayas

Herma Hill Kay

Influential Berkeley legal scholar remembered

Tracy K. Smith

We talk race, taking advice from Seamus Heaney and poetry’s vital place in society with the US’s next Poet Laureate

Patricia Keely

Cancer expert whose research was shaped by her experience of the disease remembered

Geoffrey Alderman

We talk poverty, political correctness gone mad and the comfort of whisky with the outspoken historian

Richard Lyon

We talk emergency responses to terrorist attacks, geekiness and happy memories of the Olympic Games with Surrey’s professor of medicine

Eduard Sekler

Architectural historian who spent most of his career at Harvard remembered

Ashley Fure

We talk about academia as a refuge for artists, curtailed basketball careers, and escaping Michigan’s “shire” with the multifaceted music composer