Statue of Lady Justice in academic's office

The world judges in black and white and only strict adherence to principle can regain the public’s trust

Person celebrating reaching top of mountain

Funding, freedom from regulation and staff of the highest calibre are the keys to global success

Female teacher with female pupil in a classroom

UK prime minister May’s schools and higher education policymaking relies on anecdote and politicians’ own experience, not evidence

Interconnected/networked countries on globe

In a smaller but more polarised world, refugees’ appetite for study speaks to higher education’s continuing role as a force for good

Fake nose and moustache eye glasses placed on table

Undergraduate or star scholar, status seems to offer little protection against feeling unworthy while less privileged students may be more at risk

Swiss town with flag of Switzerland and Swiss Alps (Matterhorn) in background

Will an Alpine holiday make Theresa May reflect on what is lost when science and education become collateral damage?

Keys of vintage cash register

While political pledges to scrap fees in the UK and US appeal to many, a debt-free approach will leave someone counting the cost

Medical instruments and touchscreen tablet PC

Universities are divided over tech in teaching but as the Ebola crisis raged a Mooc proved to be a life-saving pedagogical tool

Sun shining on sea (illustration)

Easing student visa rules at just four selective universities is a failure to see internationalism as a post-Brexit force for good

Car with clamped wheel

Unease over the suggestion to tie work to universities overlooks the reality that the REF is an institutional review

Group of blue robots facing camera

Institutions planning for the future would be wise to talk to one of their artificial intelligence researchers

Iraqi woman holding small child

The gargantuan report with its scholarly focus raises questions over who will digest its intellectual arguments

Old-fashioned 'Reset' button

Academia, like journalism, can adapt to the digital landscape by seeing opportunities, not obstacles, and with bold reimaginings

Businesspeople discussing how to reconnect

With expertise being vilified, institutions must re-establish their relevance to ‘real people’. Fortunately, they are ideally placed to do so

Britain Union flag box floating in sea

Post-Brexit years will be full of uncertainty that will take its toll on the sector even if worst-case scenarios don’t come to pass

Man in suit pressing 'Like' button on touchscreen

The exercise has the potential to shake up the current hierarchy and will be judged on whether it revises how firms and students view universities

Stacks of casino chips on table

In India as in the UK, highly stratified systems have negatives, especially for first-generation students

Europe UK flags

Amid the cases for and against Brexit, two eye-opening graphs highlight key points to ponder ahead of the poll

Male academic walking in direction of exit sign

Plans for handling institutional failure face scrutiny as storm clouds gather and universities stockpile for a rainy day

Data being analysed under magnifying glass (illustration)

Scrutiny of datasets informing the teaching excellence framework will ramp up, and rightly so, given the high stakes and risk of misuse