THE University Workplace Survey 2016: Alashi illustration

Good managers will digest the full spectrum of responses in our workplace survey to protect the system’s creative heartbeat

Flower growing from parched earth in desert

States across the Middle East and North Africa have invested heavily in the sector and we all have an interest in the returns

White chess pawn in foreground ahead of black pieces

We must be alert to unconscious bias at work across the sector and develop ways to tackle the issue to achieve greater diversity

Moonlit sky behind clouds of smoke

Claims of being soft on Islamic extremists put institutions that value open and free speech in a very uncomfortable spot

Canadian maple leaf and laboratory test tubes

As Canadian scientists look forward to a better deal under a new regime, respect for their findings is as vital as fair funding

2016 road ahead

With 2016 just ahead, we ponder the state of campuses past, present and future

Person cupping hand to ear

Letting students co-design their own curriculum is pedagogically sound and delivers real satisfaction, say advocates

Business person's skills portfolio (concept illustration)

Employability matters, but it is poorly defined. Only by spelling out what the term means can the concept be put to work

Line of people applauding

It is time to consider more structured support for academics who undertake the vital task of improving public engagement

Candle burning in blacked-out room

Do students’ rising demands for ‘safe space’ reveal a reluctance to be challenged, or a new zeal for political engagement?

'Keep calm' note pinned to corkboard

With less panic than it showed prior to 2010’s flat-cash result, science hopes for another round of it-could-have-been-worse

Redbrick university archways

Arguably the natural end to a long process, this sector shake-up could end up implementing the aims of a five-year-old review

Outstretched hands

With a minister intent on ‘revolution’, there is a tactical, as well as a moral, case for universities to focus on improving ethnic minority representation

British pound coin on gold leaf

In accepting industry funding, universities must be transparent if they are to sustain public faith in the independence of research

University of the Witwatersrand students protesting

For-profit operators are needed to help feed the continent’s hunger for degrees but regulation is key

Turkish soldiers stand guard, Suruc, Sanliurfa province

‘Something must be done’: deep dismay at the human toll of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis is spurring the academy to act

Bob Dylan singing live on stage

The definition of teaching quality may be tangled up, but it’s in everyone’s interest to find a satisfactory measure

First, second and third place winners' podium

The UK has performed well in our expanded World University Rankings, but intangible assets are a vital source of strength

Hand cutting red cloth with scissors

In an age of extroverts, a scholar’s paean to shyness and Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘radio phone-in’ PMQs tack against the prevailing winds

Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities and Science

Jo Johnson’s debut UUK speech offered variations on a Willettsian theme, but with a few chords to make his audience shift uneasily