Illustration of two different-sized piles of coins

The argument that v-cs will jump ship if their salary doesn’t match that of commercial comparators rings hollow

Man in suit flying in sky (social mobility)

Class is a national fixation yet if we truly want social mobility we must stop talking about it and take steps to make it a reality

Hands with thumbs up (approval) illustration

Among all the changes in an international higher education sector, one constant is the primacy of integrity and quality

Car driving quickly into European motorway fast lane

With targeted help from the government, the country’s universities have reasserted their quality and regained their global standing

Image of African continent

China’s motives, like the West’s, are mixed, but it clearly has a role to play in building capacity in African higher education

Human head-shaped bookshelf stacked with books

The book is far from obsolete. Our feature recommends key texts for students, and one v-c looks to Machiavelli for advice

Price label on rack of designer clothes

The academy’s focus on prestige makes sense, but odd-couple pairings can be as valuable as luxury ‘brands’

Hand holding growing pile of money (economic growth)

Some say of newer institutions that more means less, but that’s not true – more universities mean a larger economy

Football player kicking ball towards goal

Sport at university can be a draw for some, but not all students want to take part – or support the costs of their provision

Model of house with calculator and notepads

UK universities must compete for talent with places where you can put a roof over your head on an academic’s salary – and maybe even a bus driver’s

Handshake in front of European Union and United Kingdom flags

The UK is an energising force on the Continent, with staff and student mobility crucial to our ability to compete internationally

Number one laurel wreath (illustration)

The rise of ‘super scholarships’ that aim to turn out future world leaders signals a new front in a global war for the best students

Woman holding photo of open mouth over face

With PowerPoint presentations and group work dominating, we would do well to remember the pedagogic power of a voice

Map of globally-interconnected academic network (illustration)

Universities are finding that feeding the growing worldwide hunger to learn requires an international team effort

Split pound coin

While buoyant student numbers may imply that £9K is OK, the jury is still out on the ‘right’ split between student and state

THE University Workplace Survey 2016: Alashi illustration

Good managers will digest the full spectrum of responses in our workplace survey to protect the system’s creative heartbeat

Flower growing from parched earth in desert

States across the Middle East and North Africa have invested heavily in the sector and we all have an interest in the returns

White chess pawn in foreground ahead of black pieces

We must be alert to unconscious bias at work across the sector and develop ways to tackle the issue to achieve greater diversity

Moonlit sky behind clouds of smoke

Claims of being soft on Islamic extremists put institutions that value open and free speech in a very uncomfortable spot

Canadian maple leaf and laboratory test tubes

As Canadian scientists look forward to a better deal under a new regime, respect for their findings is as vital as fair funding