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With more than 60 years of tradition and an intense dedication towards education, Nove de Julho University (UNINOVE) is one of the largest private higher education institution in Brazil. It has five campuses and a research dedicated center, all localed in the city of São Paulo, the capital of São Paulo state, near major subway stations and large public transportation hubs. In addition, it also has more than twenty tutorial centers for online distance learning across the state of São Paulo.

Our university has a large infrastructure, with more than 450.000m2of built-up area, contemplated by state of the art technology: high-end laboratories and constantly updated libraries. Our faculty is mainly composed of PhD and master tenured professors.

With the intention of offering the best education possible for its more than 150 thousand students, UNINOVE has more than 90 undergraduate degrees and 21 graduate PhD and master programs. All of the degrees and programs from UNINOVE are approved and recommended by the Ministry of Education’s regulation agencies.

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