Moscow Aviation Institute

4 Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, 125993, Russian Federation

About Moscow Aviation Institute

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) is one of the leading aerospace universities of the Russian Federation. Education at MAI includes 30 bachelor’s programmes, 11 master’s programmes, nine programmes for specialist training and 18 postgraduate programmes. Since its founding, more than 160,000 specialists have graduated from MAI. They include general and chief designers, heads of research and design organisations of aerospace and other industries, academicians and corresponding members of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences, cosmonauts, aircraft test pilots, Olympic champions, world champions in various sports, prominent politicians, ambassadors, and heads of major banking institutions and enterprises. MAI is the only university in the world that has a light aircraft developer certificate and license. MAI has designed and developed more than 20 different types of aircraft. MAI has more than 120 science laboratories, numerous computer centres, 12 research and educational centres, seven resource centres, and three design bureaus. Eight small satellites have been created and launched by students of MAI’s design bureau.