Kursk State Medical University

Karl Marx No.3, Kursk City, Kursk Oblast, 305041, Russian Federation

About Kursk State Medical University

Describing itself as "an educational, scientific and cultural centre in the Central Black Earth region", Kursk State Medical University was founded as Kursk Medical Institute in 1935 in the Russian city of Kursk.

While it first admitted graduate students in 1954, the developments which define the modern version of an institution which reckons to be "one of the leading medical universities in Russia" came in the 1990s.

In 1991 it became a pioneer among Russian medical schools in introducing courses taught in English and over the rest of the decade attained university status (1994). It then added schools of dentistry, medical and preventative care, nursing, biotechnology, social work, economics and management and one of Russia’s earliest schools of pharmaceuticals. Pediatrics followed early in the new century.

With a mission "oriented to professional knowledge of human health, medical science development and health care practice development", it admits about 1,000 new students each year.

Particularly strong links have been formed with Malaysia, which now has more than 1,000 Kursk State Medical University graduates, the majority of whom have returned home to practice, and India, which has been sending students to Kursk since the first group of 12 in 1991.

Students are able to take part in sports games and there are often arts events and cultural shows too. There are also a number of local historic attractions where students can learn more about Russian culture and history. There are a number of local cafes, shops and museums as well as a selection of beautiful parks.