Through students' eyes: remote teaching and learning during the pandemic – findings from a survey of 2,217 students

In the wake of the global pandemic, students are receiving ever more of their university experiences through online methods and online ‘locations’ rather than the traditional places in which they were found. But how do students feel about these changes? In order to hear from students about these vital developments, the Times Higher Education Consultancy team have conducted a survey of 2,217 students and prospective students and prepared a report based on the findings, setting out how students feel about traditional modes of teaching and how that compares to online methods, as well as thinking broadly about what students want from the future of teaching.

The findings cover topics including:

  • Proportion of teaching delivered online;
  • Student views about their experiences of online teaching;
  • Comparisons between online and in-person learning experiences;
  • Whether mode of teaching affects study choices; and
  • Student desires for teaching moving forwards.
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