The impact of sustainability on international students' study choices: findings from a survey of 3,151 students


Students are a diverse group with diverse views on sustainability, but for most it is an important factor in the way that they conduct their lives. For a small but passionate minority it is a guiding factor in the way that they make decisions about where to study.

In the latest survey of over 3,000 students and prospective students from around the world, the Times Higher Education consultancy team have written a report that looks to address this knowledge gap. The report explores a variety of sustainability-led factors that students take into considerations when considering which institution to study at.

The report also draws on focus groups conducted with students to understand the pledges and commitments they would like to see from universities regarding climate change, which functions as a deep dive on one element of the sustainability landscape.

The findings cover topics including:

  • Student views on the importance of sustainability;
  • Awareness of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs);
  • How students use sustainability when deciding where to study;
  • Student priority areas regarding sustainability;
  • Student views on the role of universities in promoting sustainability;
  • How students assess the sustainable credentials of universities;
  • Whether students would pay more to study at an institution with a better reputation for sustainability; and
  • A deep dive on what students want to see universities commit to regarding climate action.


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