Which European country has the highest employment rate for graduates?

A small Mediterranean island has the highest rates of employment of recent graduates in Europe, according to new research

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April 18 2019
Which European country has the highest graduate employment rate?


Malta currently has the highest employment rate of recent graduates in Europe at 94.5 per cent, according to research by The Knowledge Academy

This is followed by Germany (90.9 per cent) and the Netherlands (90.4 per cent). Slightly behind these three countries are the Czech Republic (89.9 per cent), Austria (89.4 per cent) and Sweden (88.3 per cent).

In the UK, recent graduates have an employment rate of 86.6 per cent. 

Recent graduates are defined as those who have graduated within the last one to three years and are in employment and not in any further education or training. 

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The three countries with the lowest employment rate of recent graduates are Croatia (65.9 per cent), Italy (55.2 per cent) and Greece – with an employment rate of 52 per cent. 

The EU is working with member states to reach an employment target of 82 per cent by 2020. Some countries have managed to achieve this, while there is still work to be done in other countries. 

The average employment rate of graduates in the EU in 2014 was 76 per cent. In 2017, it rose to 80.2 per cent. 

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