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Spain is the most popular choice for students planning to study abroad

UK students also placed Spain as their top destination, finds new research

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Seeta Bhardwa

Editor, THE Student
April 18 2018
Barcelona, Spain


Spain is the number one destination for international students planning to study abroad, according to a survey conducted by GoEuro.

More than 5,700 students from 10 countries were surveyed by the travel platform, of which 18 per cent picked Spain as their top choice. The UK came in at a close second (16 per cent).

As well as Spain being the overall top choice, it was also selected by British students as their top choice, with more than a fifth (21 per cent) choosing the Mediterranean country. France (16 per cent), Germany (12 per cent), the Netherlands (10 per cent) and Italy (9 per cent) also proved to be popular choices for students from the UK. 

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Almost a fifth (19 per cent) of American students ranked the UK as their top choice, while the UK was the second choice for German (12 per cent), Spanish (13 per cent) and Italian (15 per cent) students. Science is the most popular subject in the UK for international students to study. 

Other key findings were that for 40 per cent of students, the optimal time abroad would be four to six months, while 22 per cent would prefer a programme that lasted a year or longer. 

Students were also keen to use their time abroad to explore more of Europe. UK students indicated a preference to travel around France or Italy. 

GoEuro is a platform to search for and book train, bus and plane travel.

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