Circular Economy

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In this programme, you will learn how different bio-based solutions may help us to construct systems without waste. In a circular economy, the role of business is central, and you will also learn about the dynamics of sustainable business models.


The circular economy aims to keep products, materials and other resources at their highest utility and value. The aim is to decouple economic growth from the consumption of finite natural resources by closing the loops of product life cycles. Ideally, the system in which resources are endlessly circulated into goods and services is waste-free and powered by renewable energy systems. In this Master's programme, you will learn how to save resources in different situations by, for example, replacing goods with services by increasing the utilisation of information technology. You will also learn to create sharing economy-based solutions which are built on the abilities of individuals and communities. 



Study Mode


24 months


Start Date(s)


August 18 2022


Course details

The programme is well suited for people already in the working world because its face-to-face contact instruction mainly consists of intensive periods on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Entry requirements

You can apply to this programme through the regular admission process. See detailed entry requirements.

Career outcomes

The Master's programme prepares you to work as a professional in the circular economy in a wide range of jobs focusing primarily on sustainable business and production. As a graduate, you may find employment in industry, consultancy, regulatory agencies, and governmental and non-governmental organisations, where growing interest in sustainability has created new employment opportunities. 

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