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Why is going to a small university beneficial?

Better and more personalised feedback is a key component of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences' success

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Hernán Capador

March 7 2017


The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is focused on natural and environmental sciences. This focus also creates a hub for researchers and students that share similar interests.

For me, it has been thrilling to meet students from different nationalities and programs who are also motivated by science and its potential to make agriculture and forestry more sustainable.

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Indeed, during my master's studies at SLU, small and very international classes have been the rule. This has made the courses much cosier and dynamic, because it is easy for everyone to give an opinion during classes and to get to know each other better during coffee breaks.

Additionally, I think small classes are better for learning since professors have more time to give better and more personalised feedback.

Outside of the classroom the perks of studying at a small university have also been evident. Involvement at different stages of university life is not only possible but almost mandatory at a small university.

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The unions and associations are constantly looking for students to fill positions and the same university administration looks for students to support areas such as recruitment, communication and promotion. I personally have had the chance to be part of the Ultuna Union, manage my own blog and work with a campaign to promote Masters studies at SLU.

To sum up, I believe studying at a small university has advantages that are often overlooked including closer relationships with classmates, better feedback on assignments and more chances to get involved. I have enjoyed studying in this place very much.  

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