The 10 strangest student accommodation requests

There's no shame in wanting a few extra little luxuries in your student digs, but there are some requests that might be beyond the provider's capability 

October 20 2017
weirdest student accommodation requests.

It's important when you are booking student accommodation that you get a place that meets as many of your needs as possible.

It's always worth checking whether your prospective halls have lifts, provide parking spaces and whether the room has separate quarters for your maid. Now, that last one may sound like a joke, but it was, in fact, a question asked on the student accommodation booking service has compiled a list of the some of the other strange requests from students when they were booking accommodation through the site this year. Here are the top 10.  

1. “Can I bring my pet rat from Argentina?”

2. “Can you tell me exactly how thick the walls are?”

3. “Can you remove the kitchen from my studio so my rent is cheaper?”

4. “Is there enough space in the room for my grand piano?”

weird student accommodation requests


5. “Do you know if my flight to Leeds will land at my halls or the airport?”

6. “Do the windows open? How do they open? Horizontally or vertically?”

7. “I need a room that’s on any floor but the fourth floor.”

8. “I need a room filled with mirrors so I can dance.”

weirdest student accommodation requests


9. “I need a room overlooking Hyde Park with separate quarters for my maid.”

10. “I don’t need a flat with a washing machine, I’ve got one in the back of my Nissan Micra.” 

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