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How to create a vision board for university

It’s National Vision Board Day – so we’ve put together a guide on how you can create one to help you achieve your goals

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    January 11 2023
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    What is a vision board?

    A vision board is a collage of words and images that represents your goals or dreams. You can make them about anything. Whether you want to focus on mental health, your studies or bigger life goals, it’s usually a tool to help you visualise what you want to achieve.

    How to make a powerful vision board

    Decide what you don’t want to include to ensure that your vision is strong, simple and focused. Imagine that you are making a vision board about achieving your university degree. You can include graduation-style pictures, Post-it notes about assignments that will be completed and quotes to keep you motivated.

    Other things you might want to include on your vision board are career goals, participation in a particular society or club, a study abroad destination you’d like to go to or a grade you’d like to achieve while you’re at university. No goal is too small – if it matters to you and it’s something you want to achieve, you should include it.

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    Some things to avoid when making your vision board

    Don’t get distracted by trying to find the “perfect” quote or image. Pick one that has the feeling you are aiming for and include it; you can always swap it out later if a more accurate one comes along. Otherwise, you’ll be forever searching for the perfect image and you won’t complete your vision board.

    Don’t feel that you have to include only outcomes that feel “possible”. You might want to include the goal of doing a PhD or a master’s degree if it’s something you hope to do but aren’t sure whether it’s possible just yet.

    Don’t feel you have to follow convention. If you see an image or a quote that evokes a feeling or thought in you, then include it, regardless of what it was “meant” to mean. For example, an image of someone sitting alone might conventionally be seen as a lonely image, but perhaps it makes you think of the time when you’ll be finished with all your exams and can just sit and relax.

    It’s best to ensure that your vision board reflects you and your goals personally. Don’t include images of a corporate job just because you feel like that’s what you should be aiming for if it isn’t something you really feel you want to pursue.

    Finally, don’t settle. This is your vision, your dream and your ideal outcome. Believe that you can achieve anything and you shouldn’t sell yourself short.

    Sources for your vision board creation

    There are plenty of websites, software and apps to help you create your vision board, but here are some of our favourites to get you started.

    • iStock photo – this site allows you to search by a word or phrase so you can find an image that matches your thought or goal
    • Pinterest – another site or app where you can search by a keyword but also then see related or suggested images to match your search. You might even find something you weren’t originally looking for
    • Canva – this program allows you to build everything from scratch in a digital studio, including text and images
    • Craft stores and Etsy – why not check out your local craft store or shop online for poster board, magazines and craft materials and make a hand-made vision board?

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