Technology and new media

Peter Horrocks, vice-chancellor, The Open University

Open University vice-chancellor claims that courses curated by technology giants might be more attractive than Russell Group’s offerings

Robot typing on keyboard

Critics warn new 'Manuscript Writer' program may be too good to be true, since automated content could run the risk of plagiarism

Social media, twitter, facebook, share, viral

Jisc has revealed its top social media superstars of the year, writes Chris Parr

Old fashioned car

ScholarlyHub will help academics keep control of their work and data, creators argue

share, sharing, open access

Scholars are increasingly willing to use other people’s data in their research, writes Mark Hahnel 

An archipelago

Internet entrepreneurs will not rest until they have made physical universities obsolete, predicts Glyn Davis

Crowded beach

Shift to lifelong learning opens up opportunities for ‘niche, digital’ providers, says Glyn Davis

Meccano robot

Universities are very much at the forefront of efforts to extract the most value from artificial intelligence, writes Dame Wendy Hall

Head radio

Accurate translation apps could have a ‘major impact’ on academia, some scholars believe, but others unconvinced

Cracking a giant nut

Tasmanian researchers find it takes 10 hours to plan an hour’s lecture for online students, compared to eight hours for on-campus delivery

Sam Whitelock catching line out ball in RWC15 final

Canada and Finland also score highly in research assessing the effectiveness of education systems in 35 economies

man going up steps

An academic parent, a student and two researchers consider if the metrics approach is really the game changer for improving student outcomes that many claim, or if it has a dark side

Eric Mazur speaks at the World Academic Summit

Eric Mazur, father of the ‘flipped classroom’, says rethinking assessment is the next frontier

Forward flip

Advocates say that the technology will cut out degree fraud – but could it actually help to fracture universities?

Nobel prizewinner

A survey of 50 laureates is full of insight, warnings and the can-do attitudes powering ‘beautiful minds’

An angel

Academics able to link their expertise to world events can raise their personal and institutional profiles to previously unimaginable levels, says Russell Reader

Robot waiter

Digital humanities pioneer Gregory Crane argues academics are failing to fully utilise the new tools of scholarship

Priest taking photo with smartphone in church

New Durham course explores how Christians can engage with online realm

Map technology

Paul Feldman explains why the UK must be ready to embrace research collaborations on an increasingly international scale

digital downloads

Geoffrey Boulton writes the first in a series of articles from Jisc on research in the age of open science