Technology and new media

Map technology

Paul Feldman explains why the UK must be ready to embrace research collaborations on an increasingly international scale

digital downloads

Geoffrey Boulton writes the first in a series of articles from Jisc on research in the age of open science

man trying to steal a safe

Stanford professor says $15 million lawsuit victory will not engender sympathy for publishing giant

Bag of dollars

Company accused of profiting from students’ intellectual property

Teacher writing on glass wall in classroom

US university leader explains how top teachers were selected to design a new multimillion-dollar teaching centre

Classical womens heads

Victoria Leonard on bringing equality to the world's largest reference tool

Teenager playing computer games

University of Glasgow research indicates students can improve communication and thinking ability by playing computer games

Social media, facebook, share,

Four experts offer their advice on getting the most out of social media as an academic

Wheel of Fortune game show

Acquisition of Publons by Clarivate Analytics sets the scene for major expansion

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Charles Chen Yidan says today’s education systems are ‘not suited to tomorrow’s society’

Multiple levels

Dragan Gasevic looks at how learning analytics can be used to support the student experience as a tool for learning gain

cardboard robot

‘Alex’, set to be rolled out at the Technical University of Berlin, is first chatbot to have benefits to students measured

Open access

Analysis of scholarly publishing’s ‘Napster’ shows that academics are not prepared to wait to access research

dogs keep watch

Increased scrutiny of US sector and distrust of academics puts traditional quality assurance models in question

robot with book

Technologist argues that artificial intelligence could make publishing decisions in milliseconds

group test virtual reality

Augmented reality and game-based learning among the innovations set to transform higher education

fans crowd surf

Ian Jacobs says visits by hundreds of thousands of international and lifelong learners on short courses will transform campus life

cheating online

US researchers claim 76 per cent success rate in using video analysis to identify likely misconduct

Carla Brodley, Dean of the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University, Australia. Young Universities Summit 2017

Joint honours approach attracts more women and ethnic minorities to field, says Northeastern dean

group film on mobile phones

Academic calls on Facebook and Twitter to share more information with scholars