Technology and new media

Randi Zuckerberg

Facebook pioneer discusses improving diversity in tech industry and universities

Women lying on giant book

Conference hears educators are neglecting technology because of ‘obsession’ with dated approaches

Steve Keen, Kingston University

Steve Keen laments loss of ‘time and freedom’ for universities’ ‘original thinkers’

Banana skin, pitfall, risk

Ahead of Jisc Digifest 2017, Geoff Mulgan has some words of advice for those involved in digital education

painting a copy

Research shows certain online tools can help ‘avoid detection’ by plagiarism checking software

Woman falling into rock on beach

We must help students become savvy net users, so they can be savvy citizens navigating the post-truth era, says Dana Ruggiero

robot with girl

Technology identified by NMC Horizon Report as having ‘potential to enhance’ online learning

Technology in higher education

What will hold back the use of technology in higher education over the next five years?

Visitors to the World Science Festival Street Fair peddle a square wheeled tricycle

Existing model of outreach that seeks to inform an ‘ignorant’ public is broken, say experts

man walking past screen of code at Big Bang Data exhibition

Axelle Lemaire says democracies are ‘suffering’ because of ‘broken links’ between academics and policymakers

Satirical scholars hit overdrive in the era of The Donald

Online education

Expansion into ‘digitally advanced market’ confirms platform is ‘firmly on the map’, says chief executive

Writing notes

Survey of students across 10 countries suggests handwriting and printed books have advantages over digital materials

A poster for the Palestinian trade union movement

Website provides vital documentation for studying Palestinian political history and its place within wider anti-colonial struggles

elderly woman holding robot

Jisc report for Hepi says technology is a ‘key tool’ in responding to challenges laid down by TEF

Man by fence in Ukraine

Institutions displaced by war in the country’s east have relocated campuses and adopted distance learning techniques to continue teaching. Hilary Lamb reports

couple wearing virtual reality headsets

Microsoft vice-president of worldwide education says technology can help universities’ mandate to aid students’ employability

Trump supporters

Social science must return to qualitative research to understand social and political shifts, say Pamela Prickett and Elaine Howard Ecklund

pro choice advocates (right) and anti abortion advocates (left) rally outside of the supreme court

Contributors hope resource will encourage students to avoid ‘assimilationist’ mindset

Woman wearing a virtual reality headset

As with Moocs, virtual reality will not replace the physical university