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Trump supporters

Social science must return to qualitative research to understand social and political shifts, say Pamela Prickett and Elaine Howard Ecklund

pro choice advocates (right) and anti abortion advocates (left) rally outside of the supreme court

Contributors hope resource will encourage students to avoid ‘assimilationist’ mindset

Woman wearing a virtual reality headset

As with Moocs, virtual reality will not replace the physical university

A protester wearing a greed mask holding fake money

International project to change curriculum helps UCL students avoid ‘sophomore slump’

Figures in medieval painting wearing virtual reality headsets

Will virtual reality help students on campus and online learn better and more cheaply? David Matthews reports

Person dressed as wolf and carrying lamb

Chances are you’ll get at least a bit of ‘spam dressed as lamb’ this Christmas

Lecture video camera

Copyright and intellectual property policy on lecture capture ‘evolving’, says report, but institutions should provide supportive advice to academics

A man shining a torch up to the stars

Overleaf’s John Hammersley on what drove his doctorate and transition from universities to industry

Gymnastics. Gabrielle Jupp falls during the Womens Uneven Bars competition

Key finding of annual study into future pedagogical trends would mean students 'struggle' but gain deeper understanding

blockchain, digital, bitcoin

Web 3.0 could revolutionise the way higher education is delivered, but will it be used as a force for good, asks Martin Hall

James Minchall illustration (24 November 2016)

We have all the elements needed to make online courses succeed, but institutional inertia at well-established universities stymies progress, argues Laurence Brockliss

Men examining 1950s-style robot

A new study shows computers outshine real-life academics when performing some scholarly research tasks

Small robot sitting on pile of books, reading

Pearson’s use of IBM artificial intelligence system heralded as step forward in development of virtual teaching assistants

Digital video camera recording lecture

Platform to ‘continue developing’ an educational role after pilot broadcast in partnership with UCL

Martin Boehm speaking in the Wow Room, IE Business School, IE University

Spanish university’s new teaching space mixes videoconferencing and online collaboration with data analysis and emotional recognition technology

Doubts about data

Most say data-driven assessments are not helping them improve teaching, Inside Higher Ed finds

Relatives and friends of International Space Station (ISS) Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gather for his farewell before a final pre-flight preparation near his hotel at the Baikonur Cosmodrome

FutureLearn's Simon Nelson says universities must go through ‘organisational pain’ of prioritising learning technology or suffer the consequences 

Band playing at World Academic Summit 2016

At THE World Academic Summit, academics and entrepreneurs debate impact of technology on teaching

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman tells THE World Academic Summit that universities should focus on teaching undergraduates how to discern truth

Engineers on building site checking plans

Royal Academy of Engineering report reveals which countries are proving most effective in training up engineers to drive economic growth