Academic freedom

Kurdistan shows that post-conflict countries can build a thriving higher education sector by working with foreign partners, says Dlawer Ala’Aldeen

Hungarian parliament, Budapest

Team sent to investigate rule changes that could close Budapest’s Central European University finds that they were made ‘without very strong reasons’

Singapore business district

Huang Jing was accused of ‘covertly advancing the agenda of a foreign country at Singapore’s expense’

predatory journals

Universities, funders, rankers and individual academics all need to act to stamp out predatory publishers, says Roger Watson

Vitriol directed at Cambridge professor of Classics on Twitter is part of wider battle to politicise diversity, says Conrad Brunstrom

Sexual assault protest

Many students aren’t reporting sexual harassment or assault on campus despite efforts to tackle the problem, say Hareem Ghani and Graham Towl

Prevent monitoring and defeat of legal challenge shows that anti-extremism policy is not limiting academic freedom, says Hifsa Harron-Iqbal


The UK's ‘red line’ on free movement of labour may prevent its students from participating in the Erasmus exchange programme, says European Union law expert

Hand squeezing stress ball
Working 55 hours per week, the loss of research periods, slashed pensions, increased bureaucracy, tiny budgets and declining standards have finally forced Michael Edwards out
women dressed the same

Research finds undergraduates ‘self-sort’ by gender and ethnicity for group work

student debt sign

London Economics shows how less well-off graduates will repay more than higher-earning peers

Teesside University

University attacked by 750 academics for forcing entire professoriate to reapply for jobs

ethnic student leaving

Higher proportion of black students in London may contribute to capital’s higher dropout rates, says SMF

Free Speech sign being upheld in Boston

Survey finds majority of Americans on political Right currently believe universities have negative effect on country

Working with a laptop on the beach

The pressure of producing high-quality research publications spoils the long vacation for many academics, says Rachel Moss

Concealed handgun

Court rules that professors suing the state did not provide evidence that presence of guns would impact on free speech

Man confronted by ladders

Calls among graduates to limit student numbers are not selfish, but may instead reflect concern about the value of university education, say Duncan Watson and Robert Webb

Hakan Şükür has honorary doctorate removed over his alleged support for a banned political movement

Daniel Mitchell illustration (29 June 2017)

Academics who think they can do the work of professional staff better than professional staff themselves are not showing the kind of respect they expect from others

Airport security at Frankfurt airport

US proposals spark worry for researchers reading Arabic or foreign language texts, or works critical of the Trump administration