Academic freedom

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A right-wing philosopher in Texas tells John Gill how a minority of students can shut down debates and intimidate lecturers – and why he backs Trump

Illustration Sausage (27 April 2017)

Boycotts betray free enquiry, but Viktor Orbán’s moves against the Central European University at least make them worth debating, says Eric Heinze

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Universities should not be neutral about attempts to ‘no platform’ speakers. They must defend students’ right to hear orthodoxy challenged, says Steve Fuller

Dale Edwin Murray illustration (27 April 2017)

Students who grew up disinviting ideological difference on Facebook will naturally want to do the same on campus, says Darren Linvill

Nigel Lawson, Lord Lawson

Former chancellor claims ‘politically correct’ students hold sway over ‘totally supine university authorities’

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Electrical engineering professor Khalil Al-Halwachi jailed for 10 years on 'fabricated' weapons charges

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Peer review process punishes academics who ‘challenge the dogma’ of their field, scientists claim

 September 10, 2016: Hungarian policemen watching the Serbia Hungarian border fence

Hungarian prime minister says the ‘milk has curdled’ with institution’s support for immigrants

Sir Christopher Ricks
Critic discusses Trump, Bob Dylan and what university teaching can learn from Quentin Tarantino

The American-Hungarian institution proves that learning through diversity is not an impossible dream, says Marvin Lazerson

A man holds up a sign with the text 'Don't close CEU, Orban in to the jail" as students and teachers of the Central European University protest. Hungary

Global academic leaders have found themselves powerless against Hungary’s government

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University leader said she did not think that safe spaces 'correlated' with debate and academic inquiry

The world is dotted with institutions that have strong US links, but they often have domestic opponents, who may be watching the case of CEU closely

Free speech, censor, censorship

Are university ‘bias response teams’ jeopardising free speech on campus? asks Jemimah Steinfeld

Sociologist is reportedly still blocked from leaving the country

Chinese paramilitary policeman

Government bar on Chongyi Feng returning to Australia increases doubts over country's openness

Chained tiger

Warnings that state involvement in funding decisions is harming institutions’ abilities to compete

Hungarian parliament, Budapest

Parliament approves legislation that institution says would force it out of Budapest


Institution has tightened security after an academic and seven students died last year

March for Science

Critics fear global event risks ‘trivialising and politicising’ research