Academic freedom

Hungarian parliament

Hungarian government extends deadline for compliance with education act after Budapest-based institution meets criteria

US police

University leaders at University of Chicago discussion call for students to be better educated about First Amendment

Swimming in icy water

With latest application for teaching licence rejected in long-running battle with authorities, time is running out to start the new academic year

Catalan flag

Education minister sees break from Spain as a path to more ‘competition and excellence’ in hiring, firing and leadership

Jon Krause illustration (5 October 2017)
Obama-era overreaction to HE ‘rape culture’ obstructed justice
A man holds up a sign with the text 'Don't close CEU, Orban in to the jail" as students and teachers of the Central European University protest. Hungary

Budapest-based institution says negotiations between Hungary and New York State have created ‘basis for an agreement’

Man in crowd in England football shirt with Queen mask

Quiet acceptance of accent discrimination damages efforts to make classrooms more inclusive, says Katerina Loukopoulou

Police complaint is filed against Delhi University lecturer after he posted comment on Facebook

China flag

Move follows government accusation that ideological and political work at some top institutions was weak

People waving Turkish flag

Intense polarisation of Turkish diaspora, plus online harassment, means refugee scholars feel they are being watched

Venezuela protesters

Scholars at Risk counts 257 assaults and persecutions on higher education communities over past year

Chinese censorship protester

Publishers should consult with journal editors over censorship requests, says China Quarterly committee member

Stop Ebola sign written on wall

Social scientists are innovating to ensure their research is relevant, but more must be done, says Rick Delbridge

Alaska glacier

Initiative urges government researchers to send findings through encrypted channels to ensure their preservation

Statue being worked on

Op-ed on statues of eugenicists and researchers who denied rights to non-white people branded ‘disastrous’

Books in a pile

No tax inspector or police officer can claim rights over what they write for their jobs, so why should academics, asks Gabriel Egan

Glasgow vice-chancellor Sir Anton Muscatelli defends ‘cost-efficient’ sector driving UK growth

Louise Richardson speaks at the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit, held at King's College London

Louise Richardson says it is ‘completely mendacious’ to suggest higher tuition fees have driven inflation in executive pay


Thousands of university staff are set to pay more towards pensions under proposals

China flag

Seven top universities establish political monitoring units in response to state ‘rectification reports’