Academic freedom

Xi Jinping supporters

Academic experts on China say the state may now issue demands in collaborations with Western universities 

Lips sofa

Labour MP leading parliamentary inquiry on campus expression criticises chair of England’s new regulator

Elly Walton illustration (30 November 2017)

It is wrong and discriminatory to assume that religion is a barrier to academic or professional excellence, says Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Women holding a flag of Zimbabwe in a demonstration at the University of Zimbabwe

First priority should be to repeal Grace Mugabe’s PhD, says lecturer

Adam and Eve and Moses

Former scholars at Cedarville University say staff are ‘terrified of losing their jobs’ after being told to avoid referencing ‘immoral’ artwork

Bahrain police

Academics claim that partnership ‘undermines’ organisation and allows University of Bahrain to ‘normalise’ country’s regime

Laughing pirate

Engineer takes institution to human rights body over satirical dig at exceptions for religious clothing

Marcus Butt illustration (23 November 2017)

If the Office for Students ever intervenes over freedom of speech, it will only be to widen it, says Michael Barber

Men wrestling

Pushed to break away from the established Turkish academy by increasing government control, Bilim Akademisi has now been accepted into the European fold

Chinese pride

Interviews with students and graduates in China ‘raise serious doubts’ about role of higher education in achieving cohesion

Milo Yiannopoulus surrounded by police

Berkeley chancellor issues warning at conference on New Nationalism and Universities

University of Westminster music academic on fighting with punks, boosting Peter Andre’s career and pioneering ‘classical reggae’

Brazilian police

Effigy of Berkeley professor Judith Butler burned outside São Paulo conference

Climber in China

'Unrestrictive' governance is vital if universities are to attain world-class status, says Teresa A. Sullivan

Anti-neo-Nazi protesters

Georgetown project shows that it’s not just students but also the ‘grown-ups’ in society who are struggling to find right balance, says director

China communism

Details emerge of another academic publisher blocking access to sensitive journal articles

Woman in EU mask

Last week’s spats over universities’ supposed anti-Brexit bias and what to do about it highlight the contested nature of free speech

Nicholas Dirk

The former chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley explains how he navigated protests from both the Left and Right, and threatening tweets from President Trump

Noura Al-Jizawi

Noura Al-Jizawi hopes her experience at the University of Toronto will help her to transform her homeland into a democracy

Map of Turkey

Scholars charged with terrorism offences almost two years after signing anti-war petition