Academic freedom

Legislation in Missouri and Iowa seeks to curtail right to protected academic posts

Chinese police officer on rollerblades

Scholars are ‘doing as much as they can’ to promote critical thinking among students despite suppression of liberal thought, study claims

Chinese man in shop with cages

China’s pressure on its academics to toe an ideological line will increase if Trump focuses only on business, says Tao Zhang

woman cleaning window with overlaid text

Typography expert’s rules for making messages easier to read elicit both praise and claims of pedantry

Woman hides her face in plant

Measuring learning gain via self-reporting is difficult as top graduates underrate abilities, suggests Futuretrack study

Turkish flag

Medical scholar branded a ‘terrorist’ by Turkey over his alleged links to a US-based cleric is named head of an institution in Texas

A protester wearing a greed mask holding fake money

International project to change curriculum helps UCL students avoid ‘sophomore slump’

Israeli Separation wall

University College Cork to host controversial event British institutions seemed ‘afraid’ to touch

A woman with an owl balanced on her head

Reading popular science articles causes non-scientists to overrate their expertise, research finds

Homa Hoodfar

Homa Hoodfar urges scholars to see academic freedom as a ‘history of struggle everywhere’

Frayed rope on red background

Although the term still resonates with scholars, it means less and less in today’s academy, says Bruce Macfarlane

Santa Claus, Father Christmas

Jack Grove asks whether Father Christmas could learn from recent ‘Santa studies’ research

Notre Dame

Election of theology professor Michel Deneken as Strasbourg president angers secularists

King's College London, Strand Campus, King's Building

Niall McCrae and Jules Gomes investigate the disappearance of an ex-archbishop

bird, nightingale

Sir Keith Burnett reflects on the future of academia and innovation in the UK and China

laptop, mobile, reading

The most popular Times Higher Education stories of the last year revealed

Miles Cole illustration (15 December 2016)

For the first time, says the UK’s universities minister Jo Johnson, academic freedom and institutional autonomy will be enshrined in UK law

Female mentor with student

Women in academia may be losing out salary-wise because they are more focused on tasks that may go unrewarded, a study suggests

Student slips on snowy staircase, Johns Hopkins University

President of Johns Hopkins University says ‘deeply poisonous politics’ is also harming the system

Skiers racing car down hill

But there are fears that universities’ reliance on external funding will prevent blue-skies research