Air cadets learn formation flying, 1942 TEF fees link is ‘daft’ and ‘stupid’, say Coventry University leaders 1

University’s v-c and deputy also raise concerns about teaching excellence framework’s timescale, choice of metrics and impact overseas

Shakespeare and Plato fist-fighting in field Eternal dilemmas: interview with Mark Edmundson 1

Are you an idealist or a pragmatist? In his latest book, Self and Soul, Edmundson aims to provide fresh insights into how we might choose to live our lives

Feature illustration (9 July 2015) Medieval dread: student deviance and devilry 1

Even centuries ago, student misconduct and violence vexed townspeople and authorities. The behaviour, says one scholar, highlights negative stereotypes and socio-political tensions


What students prize about higher education What students prize about UK higher education 1

Securing a job after graduation, improving earning potential and enjoying personal interaction with a course leader have been cited as the main perceived benefits of UK higher education by future international students

Academic journal subscription fees 2014 infographic Open access fees hike universities’ journal bills 1

This graphic shows the cost of journal subscriptions to seven of the most popular publishers for 24 UK universities in 2014

Infographic (17 September 2015) Hitting the buffers 1

Post-crisis, UK academics’ pay stays flat

Graduate outcomes by mission group Graduate outcomes by mission group 1

Graduates of Russell Group institutions were the least likely to be unemployed three and a half years after leaving university, with just 1.7 per cent falling into this category, figures show

Collage of male and female faces REF inclusion by ethnicity and gender 1

Minority scholars less likely to be submitted to research excellence framework

Applicants for higher education diplomas in England and Wales Applicants for higher education diplomas in England and Wales 1

More than 44,500 people registered on an access to higher education diploma course in England and Wales in 2013-14, new data show

Infographic: Participation up among students who had free school meals Staying for the next course 1

Participation up among students who had free school meals

15 most cited companies in REF impact case study analysis 15 most cited companies in REF impact case study analysis 1

Pharmaceutical firms were mentioned most often in universities’ impact case study submissions to the research excellence framework, according to a report

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Universities to scale back liberal arts and social science courses

  • David Humphries illustration (24 September 2015)

A Russell Group tagline rap is further proof that we need to reform the academy’s approach, argues Philip Moriarty

  • World University Rankings 2015-2016 methodology

Change for the better: fuelled by more comprehensive data, the 2015-2016 rankings probe deeper than ever

  • World University Rankings

US continues to lose its grip as institutions in Europe up their game

Inspired by previous movement in 1960s, PhD students say that ‘science is not neutral’ and urge scientists to confront their assumptions