Renewal of COST technical committees (chemistry, forestry): reports of December meetings

January 25, 2002

Brussels, 24 January 2002

European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research - COST
Terms of Reference for the COST Technical Committee on Chemistry submitted to the Senior Officials Committee at its 146th meeting on 13-14 December 2001. Brussels, 16 January 2002 (document COST 204/02). Full text

Terms of Reference for the COST Technical Committee on Forests and Forestry Products approved by the Committee of Senior Officials at its 146th meeting on 13 and 14 December 2001. Brussels, 16 January 2002 (document COST 203/02). Full text


The following terms of reference, taken from the Chemistry Committee, are similar in both reports:

1. The COST Technical Committee on Chemistry, hereinafter referred to as TC, is maintained for a period of three years from the date of expiration of its previous mandate in January 2002. The CSO shall decide whether to extend the mandate of the TC for an additional period of time and, in that case, review these Terms of Reference.

2. The TC will adopt its rules of procedure on the basis of the draft model set out in doc. COST/333/2/96 REV 2.

3. The TC is invited to identify, assess and prepare new COST Actions relevant to its domain. Such Actions should:

(i) have an innovative character and a high scientific standard and/or contribute substantially to the amalgamation of research efforts in that domain;

(ii) be based on careful considerations of interests, resources and budgetary consequences in the interested countries as well as on assessments of the added valued expected to be achieved through the amalgamation;

(iii) be broad and flexible enough to permit an interdisciplinary approach and later inclusion of activities not foreseen during the preparation, taking also due consideration of point 6 below;

(iv) identify and take into account R&D efforts in other fora.

4. When submitting a new Action to the CSO for approval, the TC is requested:

(i) to ensure that the Technical Annex to the Memorandum of Understanding is structured as set out in the document "A Guide for proposers of New COST Actions" adopted by the CSO on 13 October 2001 (or in any new document amending or replacing it);

(ii) to provide any additional information that the CSO may need for making a decision on the Action.

5. The TC is requested:

(i) to follow the implementation of its COST Actions to ensure that the objectives as set out in their Memoranda of Understanding are met;

(ii) to ensure coordination and exchange of information, as required, between its COST Actions as well as with relevant activities in other technical committees in COST, the Community R&D programmes, EUREKA and other European cooperation frameworks such as the Alliance for Chemistry in Europe (AllChemE), taking into account the aspect of inter-disciplinarity, where appropriate.

6. The TC is requested to give an opinion to the CSO on any proposal pertaining to one of its COST Actions and concerning:

(i) an extension of prolongation of the Action,

(ii) a change of the title or a modification of the objectives of the Action, or

(iii) participation of a non-COST institution in the Action.

The opinion shall be given with full knowledge of the views of the Management Committee of the Action concerned; a decision on the proposal will then be taken by the CSO.

The TC can advise the Actions of its domain with regard to the scientific aspects within the objectives as laid down in the respective MoU.

7. The TC is responsible for the continuous evaluation and monitoring of its COST Actions during the lifetime and at the end of each Action, according to the guidelines for evaluation and monitoring of COST Actions (cf. doc. COST 266/1/00 REV 1).

8. The TC is requested to take all the measures it considers necessary to ensure efficient dissemination and/or exploitation of the results of its COST Actions, in close cooperation with the relevant Management Committee.

9. The TC is invited to keep regular contact with the CSO and to submit reports, in principle on an annual basis, on its activities to the CSO.

10. The Technical Committee shall consult with the Commission Services on the application of resources within its domain, in order to provide the CSO with greater transparency on the allocation of budgetary appropriations in support of COST.

The consultation of Technical Committees applies to the budgetary planning process, but not to budgetary decision-making or budgetary management, which is the responsibility of the Commission.

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