Corrigendum to Summary of Conclusions 160th Meeting of the COST Senior Officials Committee Held in Brussels on 1-2 December 2004 (link)

March 2, 2005

Brussels, 01 Mar 2005

Full text of Document 341/04 Corrigendum 01
Suite of documents 341/04

Item 9: Proposals from the COST Office

The first paragraph on page 11 should be replaced by:

"The Committee agreed to all the above proposals by the COST Office recommended by JAF (doc. COST 319/04) subject to being reviewed should any budgetary restraints arise in the future and agreed that the doc. COST 319/04, page 5, first paragraph, should read:

4. COST Sub-instruments: General Action Support Allocation

In response to the demands from Actions, and endorsed by many Technical Committees, it is proposed that COST Actions Management Committees may assign up to 2000 per annum from within an Action budget to the MC Chair as grant holder for the general support of the Action management. This allocation can be used for the support and development of an Action Website, to be hosted at the server of one of the institutions represented on the Management Committee. Such Websites should only cover specific matters for the Action and should not duplicate material already published on the main COST Website in relation to COST and its structures, etc., or to general matters regarding the Action. This Website should also be used for MC and Working Group business. This allocation can also be used for the support of the Action's management committee operation, such as secretarial support, small- scale Action-related ad hoc activities and support for preparation events. The MC Chair, as grant holder, has to report on the expenditure of this fixed allocation to the MC meeting."


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