Zhejiang UniversityTransformation


Building for the future

Over the last 10 years, Zhejiang University has made huge capital investments in its infrastructure and facilities.

With seven separate campuses locaed in  three major cities, the university’s upgrade and redevelopment programme has been comprehensive and future-focused, resulting in a cultural transformation that places achievement and innovation at its core.

Among the university’s new developments is the Haining International Campus. Opened in 2016, the campus acts as a central hub for Zhejiang’s many international students, teaching Chinese as a second language, offering centralised resources for the university’s international faculty and global academic partners.

Other recent developments have taken place at the university’s Zhoushan Campus, where an Ocean Research Institute is based, offering courses in marine biology, oceanography, underwater technology and offshore engineering. The Rural Development Research Institute, and the Translational Medicine Institute  are two other major new facilities to open at Zhejiang.

Off campus, the university has established around 90 technology transfer centres to support and drive greater innovation at a regional level, while boosting economic and social development nationwide.

Technical co-operation

Zhejiang University has recently joined forces with Geely, the Chinese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Hangzhou, to further technical advancements in the country’s automobile industry.

The partnership, with Zhejiang researchers overseeing research and development, and Geely carrying out design and testing, has led to over 60 invention patents and almost 30 software copyright registrations, as well as second prize in China’s 2014 National Technical Invention competition, and a huge uplift in sales for Geely

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