‘Rising to the Challenge,
                    Sharing the Success’

Welcome to the University of Ulsan(UOU) Website.

Since its establishment, the UOU has contributed to the development of Korea by producing competitive work force. Now with the support of Hyundai Heavy Industries, the UOU is ready to become a global institution.

The UOU’s accomplishments are well recognised nationally and internationally. The UOU was ranked 9th in Korea at the 2015 THE World University Ranking and 11th in Korea and 85th in Asia at the 2015 THE Asia University Ranking. Also, the UOU has been ranked 8th in Korea in terms of research competency in Reiden Ranking. The UOU is not satisfied with its accomplishments. With a geographical advantage at the centre of Korean Industry, the UOU continues to develop into a specialised and globalised educational institution.

The UOU is currently conducting ‘World-Class Programs’ in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Medicine. Also the UOU is carrying out various projects which every UOU student benefits from. The UOU will continue to play a crucial role for the local community and the nation.

As you surf through the UOU’s Website, you will be pleased to find what we have for you.

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