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At the University of Tasmania we've a long tradition of excellence and a commitment to free enquiry in the pursuit of knowledge. We create, preserve, communicate, and apply this knowledge and scholarship in the global context whilst also pursuing distinctive specialisations that reflect our Tasmanian character.

We aim to provide ongoing leadership within the Tasmanian community, and to contribute to the cultural, economic and social development of our island home.

Every student at the University has a different experience, we are committed to ensuring you have the experience that you want. With a range of services to ensure your success in your studies as well as a range of social experiences including Sport at UTASClubs and Societieson and off campus events and online communities where you have the freedom to communicate and engage with other students - regardless of study area and staff across faculties and services.

Achieve the extraordinary

Changing the world is not simple. It takes thought, time, persistence, and insight. But most of all, it takes something extraordinary. So at the University of Tasmania, we've made the pursuit of the extraordinary a never-ending commitment.

It influences everything we do. The way we teach. The way we research. The way we learn. And the way we live.

From the bottom of the world, to the top

Our ranking in the top two per cent of universities worldwide reflects our willingness to constantly challenge ourselves. We've never been afraid to take on the world – something we pass on to each of our more than 29,000 local, national and international students. Throughout their careers, this underpins the success of the 90,000 alumni we have spread across more than 120 countries.

Our commitment to the extraordinary tells the world one thing. Wherever you're from – and wherever you're headed – at the University of Tasmania you have the opportunity to use education to become whoever or whatever you want.

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